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What Do Pregnant Women Really Eat? You Tell Us!

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Pregnancy cravings and dietPregnant women take pains to educate themselves about what should go in their bodies, and what shouldn’t. They know about the importance of getting folic acid, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding certain indulgences like booze, caffeine, and sushi.

But this is real life, not a text book! So how many of us are actually following the letter of the law? How many of us are just following the spirit of the professionals’ recommendations? And how many of us are blowing off doctors’ orders altogether?

Well, I’ll be the first to confess: As a first-time mom in the high-risk category (since I was carrying twins), I played things pretty safe during my pregancy last year. I avoided unpasteurized cheese and juice. I said no to undercooked eggs on our babymoon in Italy, Spain, and France. And because I’m a vegetarian, that left little else to eat apart from bread and butter!

That said, I typically drank an eight-ounce cup of coffee daily, per my doctor’s OK. And sometimes I even had a sip—or a couple of sips—from someone else’s wine glass at the table (though I never ordered my own!).

Does my pregnancy-diet behavior sound martyrish to you… or scandalous? We want to hear how you really eat during pregnancy… so that we can report the truth of what goes on back to you!

We’re surveying pregnant women and moms of babies under age one about what they really ate during pregnancy. We want to know about the good, the bad, the calories, the healthy… and the really unhealthy. We want to know how seriously you took recommendations about vegetables and calcium and folate. And of course, we also want to know if you bent (or broke!) rules against eating sushi and rare burgers. How about pregnancy cravings—did you give in? Did you have the occasional cocktail? And did you take your prenatal vitamins without fail, or just whenever you remembered?

Please tell us (anonymously, of course)! Click here for the survey, which will be live until May 12. (And tell a friend!)

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Alesandra Dubin is a new twin mom. She’s also a Los Angeles-based writer and the founder of lifestyle blog Homebody in Motion. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

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How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy: Making a Healthy Dinner
How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy: Making a Healthy Dinner
How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy: Making a Healthy Dinner

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5 Things We’ve Learned About Jill Duggar Dillard’s Pregnancy

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Newlywed Jill Duggar Dillard recently announced that she’s expecting, just two months after tying the knot in June. That makes her the latest member of the 19 Kids and Counting family to have a baby on the way (big brother Joshua already has three little ones…and counting). Jill and her husband Derick will welcome their new baby in late March.

Here’s what else we learned about her pregnancy so far, through their big announcements on Good Morning America and People Magazine.

She’s nicknamed the baby. Their little one will be called “Baby Dilly”—at least until they find out the sex and determine a name. (They’re not sure yet if they’ll follow in the Duggar footsteps and choose a letter theme for their baby names.)

She has morning sickness. And apparently, it’s pretty bad. “They should call it ‘pregnancy sickness’ because it’s all day,” she quipped on Good Morning America. (If you’re dealing with the same thing, check out our tips for managing morning sickness.)

She’s craving sour foods. Dill pickles, lemons, lemons with salt—those are all on Jill’s list of must-haves for dealing with her morning sickness—and in fact, hubby Derick carries around a “pregnancy bag” stocked with the essentials for helping his wife curb the nausea.

She’s planning a home birth. Jill Duggar is a trained midwife who has assisted on many births, and likes the vibe of a home birth. I feel like it will be way more relaxing… and having the baby at home with a midwife provides more of that personal care,” she said. (Considering the same? Find out if you’re a good candidate for home birth.)

She’s planning a gender reveal. Just like her big brother and his wife, Anna, Jill and Derick are planning to learn the sex of their baby (and likely, doing that in dramatic fashion during the taping of their show).

Here’s the scoop from GMA:

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Tell us: How does your pregnancy style mesh with Jill’s? Would you consider home birth? And are you planning a big gender reveal?

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How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy:Decoding Pregnancy Cravings
How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy:Decoding Pregnancy Cravings
How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy:Decoding Pregnancy Cravings

Image: Jill and Derick Dillard’s pregnancy announcement, courtesy of Jill Dillard/

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Meet the Duggars of England: The Radfords!

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

While America has the Duggars, who have 19 children and are contemplating having their twentieth, England has the Radfords—the largest family in Britain. Matriarch Sue Radford, 39, is pregnant with her 17th baby (due in November), who will join her nine sons and seven daughters ranging in age from 25 to 1.

To add to the family’s excitement, Sue and husband Noel’s 20-year-old daughter, Sophie, is also pregnant and will be having her second child just five weeks earlier than her mom! Sue says going through the pregnancies together has kept her mind off worrying about her own baby. Sadly, Sue had a miscarriage in September (similar to her U.S. counterpart Michelle Duggar). Sue says she and Noel were “devastated beyond words” when a 12-week scan revealed they had lost their baby.

“After everything we went through when we had a miscarriage, Sophie really helps to keep me calm, Sue told The Daily Mail. “I worried constantly during my last pregnancy but instead of doing the same this time, I just keep saying that what will be, will be. Because we are going through the same thing, we are able to talk about everything and reassure each other. It is great not to have to go through it all on your own.”

The two moms-to-be aren’t only sharing their feelings with each other, but their food cravings too. “We are craving all of the same things, particularly junk food,” shares Sue. “We just laugh and say at least we will get fat together.”

Sophie knows she is having a girl, but Sue hasn’t found out the sex of her baby yet, but has a gut feeling it will be another boy. Will they stop there, or keep adding to their brood like their American equivalent across the Pond, the Duggars? “I always say ‘never say never,’ but maybe this time it is the last,” says Sue.

Wondering if you’re having a boy or a girl? Check our ancient Chinese birth chart for fun!

Stress During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?
Stress During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?
Stress During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?

Image courtesy of the Radfords.

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Pregnancy Weight Gain: Too Much OR Too Little Could Lead to Childhood Obesity!

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

File under Pregnant Women Just Can’t Catch a Break! It seems pregnant women need to follow the message from Goldie Locks and the Three Bears: You don’t want to be eating too much food or two little food, you want to be eating just the right amount—unless you want your kids to be overweight.

You probably already know that research says that if you gorge yourself on junk food while you’re pregnant, your child has a bigger chance of getting addicted to junk food, and to grow up to be obese. But now a new study in American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, which observed 4,000 pregnant women and their children, says that eating too little while pregnant can have the same effect. So as much as it is important to curb your crazy pregnancy cravings (but do let yourself indulge in some!), you don’t want to overdo it with a restrictive diet while you’re pregnant either.

Not only do you need to make sure you’re getting all of the nutrients you need to have the energy to carry your baby, but he or she needs a healthy diet in utero as well. Otherwise, there could be long-lasting consequences to the child’s metabolism, appetite control, and fat storage. So you could be contributing to childhood obesity before you even have your baby!

According to the study, children of women who were a healthy weight before getting pregnant ended up being affected the most by what their moms ate while pregnant. A slim woman who ate too much in pregnancy was 80 percent more likely to have a heavy child than one who ate the right amount. That may not surprise you. But a woman who was a healthy weight before pregnancy, who ate too little, was still 63 percent more likely to have an overweight or obese child. Say what? It seems virtually impossible to know how much to eat!

Talk to your doctor about what is the right amount of weight gain for you, as each woman is different, but here are some general guidelines. If you were a normal weight before pregnancy, a 25-35 pound weight gain is best. If you were underweight, you should gain 28-40 pounds. If you were overweight, you should only gain 15-25 pounds. If you were obese, 15 pounds is sufficient, and if you are carrying twins, aim to gain 35-45 pounds.

How much will you gain? Check out our pregnancy weight gain calculator!

Pregnancy weight gain: What’s normal, what’s not?

TELL US: How much weight did you gain while pregnant?

Image of child on scale courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Is Rihanna Pregnant? Baby Bump Spotted!

Monday, April 7th, 2014

The internet is buzzing that the usually flat-stomached RiRi is sporting what appears to be a small baby bump in photos shot on April 4. While the hip-hop star is taking a break from touring, she seems to have suddenly changed her partying ways—which has people wondering, Is she really pregnant? And if so, whose baby is it?

Most likely Drake, who she may have been secretly dating for some time, although they didn’t publicly reunite till February? They’ve even reportedly spoken about moving in together. So could baby make three? Or could the dad be Drake’s arch nemesis, Chris Brown, who Rihanna seems to have an eternal flame for?

I don’t really care who the baby’s daddy is! If the news is true, I’m just glad that Rihanna is getting healthy for the baby. claims that Rihanna no longer smokes cigarettes or weed, has turned down alcohol on several occasions at events (where she normally wouldn’t), and that she even order decaffeinated tea during a recent Starbucks run with her dad.

I certainly know how it feels to have those mama bear instincts kick in. Suddenly you have this amazing little being inside you and you want to make sure you’re making his or her home as safe as possible. I wanted to eat right (minus those pesky donut cravings!), get some exercise in (when I wasn’t completely exhausted!), and rest as much as possible (even though I had a really hard time changing from sleeping on my back to my side), trying not to let things that would normally stress me out get to me, because I didn’t want my son still in the womb to feel anxious like I did. I also remember being hyper-aware of anyone smoking remotely around me—even outside on the city street, which I really had no control over. I’d practically sprint, so I wouldn’t be downwind of a cigarette. When you’re pregnant, it ceases to be about you. It’s all about the baby (as it should be!).

TELL US: What health changes did you make when you found out you were pregnant? Which things were the hardest to give up?


Coffee & Tea During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?
Coffee & Tea During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?
Coffee & Tea During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?

Image of Rihanna courtesy of Landmark Media/Shutterstock.

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