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Why Some Couples are Rushing to Get Pregnant NOW

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Most people follow astrology for fun. I admit it—the horoscope page is one of the first I read in a magazine. But many Chinese people are notoriously superstitious when it comes to the Chinese zodiac. So much so that in China some couples are rushing to get pregnant now—in the Year of the Horse, one thought to be a good luck charm—so their babies won’t be born in 2015, the Year of the Sheep, the Washington Post reports.

In Chinese astrology, those who are Sheep are thought to be passive, natural born followers rather than strong, outspoken leaders. And the bad luck doesn’t stop there: Supposedly they’re unlucky in business as well as relationships, with popular folklore saying that only one out of 10 people born in the Year of the Sheep finds happiness, the Post reports.

Because couples trying to conceive are getting impatient, and they don’t want to risk having a “doomed baby,” fertility specialists say they have seen a huge increase in business in recent months. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Year of the Sheep begins February 19, 2015, so the window for conception closes around the end of this month.

Couples are so worried that their babies will be born unlucky, that they are even asking about early delivery via C-Section to guarantee their children are born in the Year of the Horse—whether they’re ready to come out or not!

While I can’t imagine planning my pregnancy around my future child’s horoscope, if you truly believe in the Chinese zodiac, why would you want your child to be destined to a lifetime of unhappiness?! As moms and moms-to-be, we want the absolute best for our children. So while these couples may sound crazy to some, I think it’s actually a super-sweet gesture to try to give their kids the best possible life path—even if that means speeding up their pregnancy plans.

That said, early C-Sections are not a good idea! The March of Dimes believes the best gestation period is at least 39 weeks long in order to have the optimal brain and lung development and to have the highest chance of having no visual or hearing problems. I hope couples considering that make sure that they are allowing their baby to fully develop before making that kind of decision. Because causing a premature birth and all of the complications that go with that—when it can be prevented—is no way to start a child’s life.

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The Average Time It Takes To Get Pregnant. Shocked?

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Most women expect to get pregnant within six months of trying, but a new survey of 2,000 British women by the women’s health brand Balance Activ showed that the average time it took the women surveyed to conceive was actually one to two years!

“Deciding to try for a baby can be an intense time for couples,” said Corrin Farr, senior marketing manager at Balance Activ. “The fact that women are choosing to have children later on in life, combined with an expectation that conception will happen within weeks can also add stress and anxiety to the mix, which in turn can lead to its own [fertility] problems.”

Technically, you’re classified as “infertile” after 12 months of having unprotected sex without conceiving (or after six months for those 35 and up). Ten to 15 percent of couples in the US are diagnosed as being infertile.

So while this was an informal survey—not an elaborate study—what it tells me is that there is hope for those who don’t think getting pregnant is in the cards for them!

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Could This Keep You From Getting Pregnant?

Friday, October 18th, 2013

It’s been ingrained into women that you don’t drink while you’re pregnant (even though a recent book questions that theory). But now researchers say that even if you want to get pregnant, you’re better off not drinking alcohol—at all. Uh-oh!

That’s right, a new study presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Boston found that drinking just one or two glasses of wine a week could reduce a woman’s chances of getting pregnant by a third. Three or more glasses per week cuts the odds of conception by two-thirds, while even low levels of alcohol can disturb the development of unfertilized eggs—causing it to be more difficult, and sometimes impossible, to get pregnant.

In the relatively small study, Dr Dara Godfrey, of Reproductive Medicine Associates in New York, carried out research on 91 women undergoing IVF treatment. Those who did not drink were found to have a 90 percent chance of getting pregnant, while those who drank regularly during the week lowered their chances to 70 percent, and binge-drinking made the problem even worse.

It seems women aren’t alone—drinking can cause infertility issues in men too. Binge drinking reduces a man’s sperm count and the effect can be long-lasting, since it takes about two months for the sperm to fully mature in the testes. There goes the theory that most people conceive because they’ve been drinking!

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Chelsea Clinton Wants to Be Pregnant in 2014!

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Politicos, rejoice! Former First Daughter, Chelsea Clinton, has declared 2014 “The Year of the Baby,” which means we could hear the pitter-patter of  some politically-minded little feet very soon. Chelsea told Glamour that the loss of her maternal grandmother in late 2011 spurred her to have some deep discussions with her husband, Marc Mezvinsky—including when they would start a family (may we suggest starting this November?). The two, who have been married for three years now, have decided next year is their year. Woo-hoo!

No one could be happier about the baby news than former Secretary of State (and rumored frontrunner for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee), mom Hillary Rodham Clinton. She can’t wait to be a grandmother! “She asks about it every single day,” Chelsea tells the magazine. Who could blame her? Babies are so cute, and as a grandmother you get to reap all of the benefits of cuteness without all of the everyday responsibilities of parenthood.

Since leaving her job on Wall Street, Chelsea has been working along with her parents, Hillary and former President Bill Clinton on the family’s foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, trying to make a real difference. “For when we do have children, I want to help make sure we’ve got a world I want them to live in,” she explains.

What a lucky baby to be brought into such a legal and political dynasty. I can’t help but wonder what sort of grandparents Bill and Hillary will make. I feel like Hillary will be the disciplinarian of the two (fair, but strong with a little wiggle room for all-out spoiling), where Bill will be sneaking Little Clinton an extra cookie when no one else is looking, and playing jazz, teaching him or her about “real music” in between family-wide chats around the dinner table on current events. The big question is, will Bill pass down his nickname of “Bubba” to the new bundle. I vote yes, but Chelsea may have something to say about that!

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Time to Get Pregnant? When You’re Most Likely to Conceive

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Apparently, November is one big love fest. At least that’s what research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention seems to point to, because more women conceive in November than in any other month. (Confession: I feed into that statistic. My son was conceived in early November, due in early August, but came a week early and ended up a July 28 baby).

While there’s no clear data on why everyone’s knocking boots in November, I have some theories of my own. First off, it’s cold out, and who wants to go outside in the cold and snow, when you can stay inside with your honey and keep yourselves warm (and busy!)? And if you do make your way out of the house to build that cute snowman or make snow angels, when you get back in, you’re going to want to dive right into bed and find some way to warm each other up.

And while November is the kick-off of the holiday season, it’s before the full-on December rush and stress hits you (don’t forget, people, stress hormones reduce your chances of getting pregnant!), so you’re still in good, happy spirits and open to both long, passionate romps or just a quickie. You’re also traveling a lot and so the many chances of forgetting to pack your birth control could be another reason for all of those babies.

Thanksgiving makes you feel all lovey-dovey and grateful for each and every amazing person in your life—and that of course includes the person you’re sleeping with! So to show your appreciation for each other, you—what else?—have sex. A lot.

In November, you also have your high school and college homecomings to attend, and nothing gets you more in the mood than reminiscing about the good ol’ wild days, right? Oh, and the tailgate parties! Let’s put it this way: for many women, booze = loss of inhibitions, which means all of those sexual fantasies you’ve had are about to come true (making tons of boyfriends and husbands very happy campers).

So now that you know November is the best time to conceive, you have exactly 29 days to plan every last sexscapade for the month. Here’s to getting lucky, ladies!

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