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Let’s Not Body-Shame 8-Months-Pregnant, Bikini-Clad Hayden Panettiere

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014


The media captured some images of images of an 8-months-pregnant Hayden Panettiere wearing a two-piece swimsuit while vacationing in Hawaii this week, and it kind of went nuts.

It turns out—shocking, I know—that many celebrity news outlets are eager to judge women’s bodies when they look approximately like real pregnant human beings and not like toy dolls with passably teeny ‘bumps.”

TMZ’s headline shouted about the “GIANT” star (caps theirs, not mine), and said that her “proportions seem out of whack.”

The Daily Mirror called her “huge” in its headline, and proclaimed her “ready to pop” — one of my least favorite pregnancy phrases of all time — as did the Daily Mail. So did Perez Perez Hilton (but at least also allowed that she looked “flawless”). Even the publications that had a few friendly things to say about the star overwhelmingly used language that implied judgement and shame.

The star is, by her own admission to Hello! magazine (as cited in the Daily Mail), up more weight than is recommended during singleton pregnancy, adding close to 40 pounds to her itty bitty frame. “I’m 5 feet, 2 inches, and I started out at 106 pounds and guess how much I weigh now? Around 145 pounds,” she said.

But life happens, and there are many things about pregnancy that we can’t necessarily predict or control. It can be a plenty uncomfortable enough time without good-intentioned gawkers on the street — let alone body-shaming media screaming judgement-laden language.

So here’s all I have to say about that: If a pregnant lady, famous or no, finds some time to ease her achy joints and feet with some buoyant time in the water, let her wear whatever the heck she pleases.

To that end, check out our gallery of pregnant celebs in bikinis. Work it, ladies!

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Bikini Baby Bump Photo: Do It Now!

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Celebrity Bumpie PhotoI know taking a bikini photo period can seem daunting, let alone one when you’re pregnant—like really, really pregnant. But I think you should do it, and here’s why:

It’s a beautiful moment. There’s an indescribable intimacy that develops between you and your bump. You have an amazing little being inside of you, and the unconditional love is already there. Much like in those nature videos when you see the mama bird keeping her eggs warm through winter, and prey at bay, that’s what a pregnant woman turns into—someone who will take care of her baby at all costs, even before its hatched. And I think that’s something to be celebrated.

You’re gorgeous, and no one is going to pick a part how you look (including you!). It’s true what they say—your skin has a natural glow when you’re pregnant. Hormones or not, I think it’s your happiness shining through! You walk with a newfound confidence and feel super-feminine. You no longer look at your so-called flaws, because all eyes are on your bump. It’s big and it’s beautiful!

You can be artistic. Have fun with it! Do a moody black and white shot, a silhouette at sunset, a playful old-school pinup pose. It doesn’t have to be something taken too seriously and it doesn’t have to be too sexy (unless you want that—you’re in control!).

It can be done on the cheap. You don’t have to do an elaborate photo shoot with a professional photographer and lighting to capture a great moment. Just a quick, simple shot can do the trick. Some of my favorite photos of myself were taken by my husband on his iPhone, some when I have no makeup on at all.

I regret not taking one, and so I don’t want you to have any regrets either! Not to get all Debbie Downer on you, but my dad was really sick when I was pregnant, so I spent a week out of each month going down to Florida to visit him during the last six months of his life—which I would never take back and I’m so glad I was able to do that for him and my mom—but that kept me from going on a babymoon and taking a bikini bump photo.

I remember a girlfriend of mine telling me, “Who cares if you have the vacation, you can still take the photo!” I felt silly just getting into a bikini for no reason to have my husband photograph me, so I never got the shot. Now when I see a gorgeous pregnancy photograph, like Jaime King’s, I kick myself every time. Learn from my mistake: Don’t be embarrassed, just do it!

For more celeb inspiration, check out Vanessa Lachey, Marisa Miller, and Alessandra Ambrosio.

TELL US: Will you be doing a bikini bumpie? If you already have, share your tips for getting a great shot!

Image of Jaime King via Instagram.

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