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THIS Could Make it Harder for You to Breastfeed…

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Here’s another good reason why you should work hard to stay healthy during your pregnancy: A study by the University of Minnesota found that women who had health issues during their pregnancies were 30 percent less likely to breastfeed their children.

Using survey data, the study discovered that women who had certain predefined health issues—diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity—going into pregnancy were far less likely to be breastfeeding after birth.

But the study also found that if women with health conditions were given plenty of support by the hospital and medical staff, they were more likely to breastfeed.

So here’s the takeaway: With all the benefits for baby and mom from breastfeeding, we should be working hard to ensure healthier pregnancies from the start, and to support new moms in their breastfeeding efforts.

Tell us: Did your health affect your ability to breastfeed?

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How to Hold Baby While Breastfeeding
How to Hold Baby While Breastfeeding
How to Hold Baby While Breastfeeding

Image: Breastfeeding by Oksana Kuzmina/

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Jessica Alba Shares! What She Stressed About During Pregnancy

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Jessica Alba’s non-toxic and family friendly product line, The Honest Company, launched at Target last week, with an in-store event in Los Angeles. At the fete, I grabbed a few minutes with the star and mom of two, to ask her about some of her biggest fears during her own pregnancies.

If you can believe this (and I barely could, as I sat stewing in my own late-stage pregnancy fears and insecurities), Jessica had to think good and hard about how to answer. “What did I stress about?” she mused. “I was actually more calm while I was pregnant. It was the only time I got to relax.”

(She tried to recall a certain pregnancy hormone that keeps women calm through such an intense emotional and physical experience. Hmm, I’m at 35 weeks and I’m still waiting for such a thing to kick in!)

Jessica did specify some major factors that occupied her brain during her pregnancies with Honor and Haven. “I was all about [setting up] the nursery for both of them. And I was worried about trying to make everything perfect, and about sleep training, and about breastfeeding.”

She added, “I was also worried about whether [my body] was all going to go back. And you know what? It doesn’t.”

I’m just going to state the obvious: If I end up with Jessica Alba’s post-baby body after my own delivery, I’ll call it a win. And meanwhile—here’s hoping I can channel some of her pregnancy calm as well!

What did you freak out about during pregnancy?

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Stress During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?
Stress During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?
Stress During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?

Jessica Alba photo courtesy of Getty Images for Target

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Kim Kardashian Gives Ciara Baby Advice!

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Kim Kardashian and hip-hop star Ciara have been friends for years, but the sisterhood of motherhood has brought these besties even closer together. Kim—who’s already mom to baby North, 10 months—has shared mommy advice with Ciara, who is expecting a baby boy with rapper/producer fiancé Future, on “everything from breastfeeding to how a stroller works,” Ciara told W magazine.

Kim’s greatest advice to date? She encouraged Ciara to allow “your child to be who they want to be—as long as they want to be something great.” After all, “you don’t know your child until they get here, you don’t know their personality,” Ciara says in the interview with W. “There is a lot of learning to do. I loved that advice.”

The “Body Party” singer—who, as W notes, originally announced her pregnancy with Barbara Walters on The View and had Kim by her side at her blue-and-white themed baby shower—was also recently spotted looking at cribs at Bel Bambini in West Hollywood with Kardashian. Beforehand, Ciara tweeted, along with a photo of herself: “Me Before Going 2 Do Some Baby Prep Stuff With My Friend Kimmie. #ExcitingTimes.. Still Feels Surreal That This Is Actually Happening. Xo. Mommy.”

It might still feel surreal, but the proof is in the photos! To accompany the interview in W, Ciara did a gorgeous pregnancy shoot in everything from long, glamorous gowns to one-piece bathing suits to a crop top and leggings, revealing her beautiful bare belly (below).


“My mom and I don’t have a lot of photos of my early years,” Ciara explains in the interview. “So I decided we should document everything. This is one of those moments you can’t repeat.”

Clearly, Ciara loved the results (as she should—she looks mamalicious!) as she tweeted: “Thank You @Wmag For Documenting One Of The Most Special Times In My Life, In The Most Beautiful Way Possible. #MyMostFavoriteShoot2Date #HappyTimes.”

Pregnancy is one of the most special times in your life, and deserves to be celebrated! I encourage each of you to take lots of photos for yourself and for your future child to see. You don’t want to look back and wish you had taken more pics, so document every second of your journey!

To see more of the photos from Ciara’s W shoot, click here.

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TELL US: How are you tracking your pregnancy—with photos, a pregnancy blog, or a journal?

Image of Ciara and Kim Kardashian via Instagram; Ciara in W via Twitter.

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