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Alyssa Milano’s Gender Reveal Video! She’s Having…

Friday, May 16th, 2014

When Alyssa Milano next hears the pitter-patter of little feet, they’ll likely be covered in pink booties. That’s right–she’s having a girl! The former Who’s the Boss? star will soon have a boy and a girl, when her “little sweet baby girl” joins son Milo, 2, later this year.

Alyssa shared the news on her website from the dressing room of her ABC series, Mistresses. “David, Milo, and I could not be happier,” she said in the video (below). “Truly, we could not be happier. So exciting!”

This isn’t the first time Alyssa has shared baby news with fans. On March 21, she Tweeted: “Ahem! Click here for some BIG, HUGE, HAPPY news,” which took followers to a video on her website, where she announced that she and husband David Bugliari were expecting a second child. “We are so happy to share with you that Milo is going to be a big brother!”

Two weeks later, she shared a bumpie on Instagram with the caption: “The bump,” explaining the size of her belly with the hashtags “#shortpeoplecarrybig #noitsnottwins.”

Her second pregnancy was no surprise to fans who’ve been following her mamahood journey. She told People last fall that she wanted to have another baby, so Milo would have someone to grow up with. “My brother and I are so close, and I can’t imagine not giving my son that kind of relationship,” she said.

Congrats to Alyssa, David, and Milo!

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TELL US: Do you think a kid needs at least one brother or sister, like Alyssa?

 Image of Alyssa Milano and son Milo via Twitter.

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Gender Reveal Blues: Not What You Hoped For?

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Autumn Reeser is Having a Boy!You wait 20 very long weeks to find out the biggest news of your life: Will you be having a boy or a girl? If you’re like me, you couldn’t hardly stand it! Ah, the suspense! And then, suddenly you hear the doctor say “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!”, and it’s as if you know this little guy or girl inside you in a whole different way. You’re not having a baby, you’re having a daughter, or a son, and that makes being a mom in just a matter of months that much more real.

Autumn Reeser—who I love, love, love from The O.C., Entourage and No Ordinary Family—just announced in a totally adorable gender reveal photo, complete with baby blue balloons, that she’s expecting a son! She’s due November 24 (just four days before Thanksgiving—now that’s something to be thankful for!). Already the proud mom to son, Finneus, 2, it does beg the question: Was she just the teensiest bit bummed when she found out she’d be having another boy?

I’ve known women who’ve exclaimed to friends, family and anyone who would listen, “I want a girl!” or “I want a boy!” as soon as they found out they were pregnant. Others play it cool when asked what they’re hoping for, by replying: “I’ll be happy either way as long as my baby’s healthy.” That’s true, but only to a point (For my first—a boy—it was totally true when I said I didn’t care either way, but like Autumn if I have a second, I’ll be pulling for a girl).

Most of us—whether we admit it to ourselves or not—have preconceived notions of what we want to have: some moms dream of having little girls they can shop, gossip and get mani/pedis with; others want a sweet and doting mama’s boy, while dads may dream of having a mini me to throw around the football with, or a little princess who can wrap daddy around her little finger.

Especially after you already have one child, the natural inclination is to want whichever sex you don’t already have. As one of my friends would say, “I want a pair, not a matching set.” (Way to turn your kids into objects! But I get the point.) But what if you don’t get what you want? It’s ok to be sad. You had already envisioned your whole life with your future baby: going wedding dress shopping with your little girl, or skydiving with your rough-and-tumble boy, crying at her college graduation, cheering him on at his first Little League game. You’re allowed to mourn that life that will never be. But then you have to move on. You can’t let it consume you. It’s time to get excited about the baby you’re having, because it’s going to be as equally amazing, with just as many spectacular memories to be made together.

So getting back to my original question, Was Autumn at all disappointed she was having another son? According to her website, maybe just a tad. She says, “The pregnancy has been following pretty much the exact same pattern as my first, and although it would have been nice to balance things out with a girl, I wasn’t surprised to find out we were adding another awesome little man to our mix.”

I think we can all learn from her example, and not proclaim one way or another whether we want a boy or a girl. I like that she took the positive approach—especially since there’s a digital trail her son could find one day. You don’t want the poor kid to think he wasn’t wanted. That has a lifetime of therapy written all over it!

TELL US: Would you be just the tiniest bit bummed out if you found out you were having a boy? A girl?

Image of Autumn Reeser courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Is It A Boy Or Girl For Hart Of Dixie’s Jaime King?

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Hart of Dixie star Jaime King pregnantThe world is fixated with the baby gender guessing game whether you’re a celebrity or not. We want to know the big question, “Boy or Girl?,” whether it’s Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, or the neighbor down the street! So it’s no shock that pregnant beauty Jaime King is now under the microscope. Though the internet is a buzz that the Hart of Dixie star will be having a girl, the ex-model took to Twitter to squash the rumors. She says it’s 100 percent false, because no one knows the sex of the baby—not even her! “We want a surprise,” she explains.

Other stars have patiently waited to find out whether they were having a boy or girl until they met the baby in the delivery room: Tori Spelling and Melissa Joan Hart each had a birth day surprise with their third babies, and Gisele Bündchen with her first child (though hubby Tom knew but kept it a secret—what? how?).

Do you think you could go nine months without knowing whether you were having a boy or girl? I know I couldn’t! I was the kid who shook Christmas presents, trying to figure out what was inside. As an adult, I want to be prepared for every scenario in every situation. And if I hadn’t found out at 20 weeks that I was having a boy, I wouldn’t have had the amazing experience of excitedly shopping with my husband for our son’s first outfit on the way home from the doctor’s office after the big announcement. That will forever be a cherished memory for me. It was the moment things suddenly felt real. Whoa! In just a few short months, I was going to be a mom.

Knowing I was having a boy, I could start imagining what this little guy would look like, what name he might go by (though I was that girl who started a list of baby names I liked even before I was married!), and his voice. Then, of course, there are the wardrobe and nursery concerns. I know you can go gender-neutral on everything these days (my crib bedding is actually a brown, orange and green jungle theme that could go either way), but for me, knowing whether I was having a boy or girl made me instantly feel closer to the baby growing inside me.

A part of me would like to be that spontaneous person who doesn’t need to know. I’m beyond obsessed with Gender Reveal Cakes, and want one desperately just because they are so darn cute. Who knows, maybe the second time around, now that I have somewhat of a handle on this whole pregnancy thing, I’ll keep things a secret too. I’ll at least try to. No promises!

In the meantime, check these crazy old wive’s tales about how to tell if it’s a boy or a girl–so funny!

Tell us: Are you waiting to find out whether you’re having a boy or girl? Would you let your husband know the sex of your baby if you wanted to keep it a secret from yourself? Leave your comments below.

Image of Jaime King via Instagram.

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