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Viral Pregnancy Videos: The Top 5 of 2014!

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

viral pregnancy videoGive me a good viral pregnancy video and I’ll watch it 20 times in a row while laughing, crying, gasping, clutching my heart — you get the gist. (Fortunately, watching them is actually part of my job description!) Especially because I was pregnant for much of 2014, the year’s best videos on the subject got me right in the gut. Here are my absolute favorites of the year.

5. “From Bump to Buzz”

This video makes my list as a placeholder for the whole category of time-lapse and stop-motion pregnancy videos that trended this year. There’s nothing like watching the adventure of pregnancy — such an intense journey, at times spectacular and at times arduous — play out right before your eyes. Bonus: The dad in this video, who is Tom Fletcher of the English band McFly, wrote the moving song that plays throughout. Total views: 10.5 million.

4. “Bawling Dad to Be”

This video slays me because it focused on the moment a dad-to-be learns he has a baby on the way. It’s such a sweet, wonderful, unique moment in time—and one the whole family will be glad was captured on camera! Total views: close to 1.4 million.

3. “#ShareaCoke with the McGillicuddys”

While those personalized Coca-Cola cans were making the rounds this summer — the ones that say “Share a Coke With…” followed by a name or title — one family was inspired to make what at first looked like an actual Coke ad. But it later reveals itself to be a most awesome pregnancy announcement. Total viewers: over 4 million.

2. “Valet Baby”

Because I was pregnant myself when I saw this video, I watched it with intense anxiety—and gratitude that I lived just 10 minutes’ drive from my delivery hospital! The insanely dramatic 10-minute clip on YouTube showed a GoPro camera-wearing dad’s capture of not only his epic race to the hospital with his wife in labor—but the baby’s sidewalk birth too! Total views: close to 5 million.

1. “I’m So Pregnant”

Let me count the ways I love this parody video of Iggy Azalea’s “Famous,” on the WhatsUpMoms YouTube channel. First of all, I was eight months pregnant when it came out this summer, and related to every word. Second, it’s so catchy, I literally sing the spoof words in my head every time the real song that inspired the parody comes on the radio! Total viewer count now? More than 14 million (though I may account for a couple million of those myself).

What was your favorite pregnancy video of the year?

Baby Announcement Wrapped in a Surprise Gift
Baby Announcement Wrapped in a Surprise Gift
Baby Announcement Wrapped in a Surprise Gift

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Alesandra Dubin is a new twin mom, as well as a Los Angeles-based writer and the founder of home and travel blog Homebody in Motion. Follow her on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Photo courtesy of YouTube/WhatsUpMoms

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A Surprise Birth Announcement—Times Seven!

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Some moms on the Today show got the surprise of their lives when they thought they were being treated to a special Broadway performance from Violet in Rockefeller Center as part of a lead up to Mother’s Day, and instead found out that they’re going to be grandmas—as one-by-one, their daughters walked up on stage and held up a card that read: “I’m pregnant!”

Simultaneously, seven grandmas-to-be—and the rest of the country watching the surprise birth announcement live on TV—were excited and in tears at the same time. The expressions on the grandmas’ faces as they heard the news was absolutely priceless. Plus there were gasps and screams, huge grins, hugs and kisses, and tears of joy.

“I’m so excited—I don’t know what to say, I’m flabbergasted,” one grandmother-to-be exclaimed.

“You had no idea?” Matt Lauer asked.

“Absolutely none!” she cried.

The daughters said they were about to burst because they couldn’t have kept such a big secret from their moms for much longer. It’s tough, because when you find out you’re pregnant, you might be so happy that you want the world to know—but at the same time you want to make sure all is going fine with the pregnancy before you tell too many people. Holding it in is the hardest thing ever! So to keep it to yourself when your surprise is even bigger than the baby news (which is already huge!) must have been nearly impossible.

In yet another twist, the mamas-to-be weren’t the only ones dolling out the surprises—they received one themselves, too: Each was gifted with a new baby stroller filled with baby products and a $500 gift card. In Oprah fashion, Savannah Guthrie yelled out, “Everybody gets a stroller, and a grandbaby! Congratulations!”

Needless to say, this Sunday will be a Mother’s Day these soon-to-be moms and grandmas will never forget! But you have to wonder, how are they going to top this Mother’s Day present next year? Oh, right, by actually having them spend it with their grandchildren. Nothing trumps one-on-one time with a new baby!

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Image via Today.

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Best Birth Announcement Reaction EVER!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Cue the waterworks! While you never know how children are going to take the news that mom and dad are having another baby, Faithlyn and Ethan Ouellette (ages 6 and 3, respectively) are caught on camera reacting in such an overwhelmingly happy way—with a mix of open-mouthed awe, screams and hugs—that you can’t help but want to jump up and down for them, too (as you discretely shed a tear, or um, a thousand!).

Their parents, Hannah and Jacob—who call Denver home—wanted to surprise the two with mom’s pregnancy news on Easter. They gave each child a clue to unwrap: a sonogram of  baby number three. After a little help deciphering the hint, Faithlyn couldn’t contain herself. “You’re having a baby in your tummy right now?” she asks, as a huge grin comes over her face and she gives her mom a massive bear hug and goes into a super-sweet fit of giggles. “Oh my God, I can’t thank you enough!”

The. Best. Birth Announcement. Reaction. Ever! Right? Doesn’t every parent hope their children will be this excited about a new sibling? We can only hope!

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Video via YouTube.

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Surprise! Actress Lake Bell is Pregnant!

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

There was no formal baby announcement, not even a tweet. Instead, Lake Bell let her baby bump do the talking as she walked the red carpet at a Vanity Fair bash during the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Lake—who can next be seen in the Million Dollar Arm, out May 16—wore a body-con burgundy jumpsuit that accentuated her beautiful belly, making her pregnancy known loud and clear.

This will be the first child for Lake and her artist husband, Scott Cambell, whom she married last June in New Orleans. The cute couple met back in 2011 on the set of Lake’s HBO show, How to Make It in America.

Now the big question is, which A-list bestie will Lake choose as her baby’s godmother—Jennifer Aniston or Cameron Diaz? Or maybe both?

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Fun Ways to Flaunt Your Bump
Fun Ways to Flaunt Your Bump
Fun Ways to Flaunt Your Bump

Image of Lake Bell via Twitter.

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Kate Middleton’s Birth Announcement Details Revealed

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Kate Middleton birth announcementDeciding how you’ll make your birth announcement is a huge decision—one, which many women start planning as soon as they know they’re pregnant. Or at least once they know whether they’re having a boy or girl!

Will you send a sweet Tweet? Add the news to your Facebook feed? Share a video with the ones you love via Vine? Post footage of the actual birth on YouTube for all the world to see? Go the more traditional birth announcement route? Or all of the above?

As the Duchess of Cambridge, those decisions are already made for the very pregnant Kate Middleton. Her baby’s birth announcement will be much like an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine, where one thing is passed off and triggers another chain reaction (Check out the awesome OK GO video below as a fun example).

According to the British newspaper, The Telegraph, the moment the Prince or Princess of Cambridge is born, an aide will run out of the hospital with a piece of precious paper in hand —a signed bulletin on foolscap-sized paper carrying the Buckingham Palace letterhead, to be exact—with all of the usual details, such as baby’s sex, weight and time of birth (the name will most likely be announced later, with a photo to follow). Much like in a relay race, the piece of paper will then be handed off to a waiting driver to be taken to Buckingham Palace.

Once the Queen hears about the birth (and she will not be woken up to be told about the birth, if it should take place in the middle of the night—a Queen needs her beauty sleep!), and all of the other important family members on both sides know, then and only then will the notice be placed on an easel outside of the Palace for revelers, TV cameras and every last person on the planet to gawk at.

After the adoring public has had a significant amount of time to see the official notice, the news will be put on the Palace’s official Twitter feed. Being a Royal could be seen as having your freedom taken away from you, as you can’t make even the smallest decision such as a birth announcement yourself, but it could also be seen as a stress-free way to live. I sort of envy the fact Kate won’t have to sit up at night pondering the important question of: Do I include the bare bottom shot in the birth announcement or will my son forever hate me if I do?

For birth announcement inspirations, go here.

And . . . now for that OK GO video I was talking about:

TELL US: Have you already decided on your birth announcement details? What are you planning?

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