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See Which Star Outgrew Her Maternity Swimwear—Just as Summer Heats Up!

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

At this late stage in my twin pregnancy, travel out of town is ancient history until after delivery. (Womp womp.)

Fortunately, the fabulously luxurious Four Seasons at Beverly Hills is even nearer to my delivery hospital than my own home, so that’s where I intend to be over the July 4 holiday weekend for a little much-needed staycation/babymoon pampering with the hubby. The whole thing will be just what my achy, swollen body needs—but there’s one key issue I need to address first: maternity swimwear.

Shop for great maternity swimsuits!

When I say it’s hard to find a great maternity swimsuit, I’m not talking about pregnant body shame. I’m talking about logistics: I’ll be 35-plus weeks pregnant with two babies on the way, and this is not a body-type category frequently addressed in the marketplace!

But difficulty finding a perfect piece of maternity swimwear is not limited to just us regular folks. Even tiny Snooki, now pregnant with her second baby, is encountering some frustration as summer heats up. She recently posted a photo to Instagram in which the pint-size star fusses with her ruffled floral one-piece swimsuit. And she captioned it, “My one piece belt doesn’t buckle over the babygirl. #pregnantproblems”

Totally relate, Snooki! For what it’s worth, despite her apparent discomfort, the star looks amazing. (Not surprising, given she’s emphasized her attention to fitness in recent interviews.)

Now if only she’d posted a shopping link for that super-cute maternity suit! I’m in the market.

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Snooki photo courtesy of Instagram

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Stretch Mark Secrets from Ali Landry

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Stretch MarksLet’s face it—while some women wear their stretch marks as a badge of honor, which is awesome (check out Jade Beall’s book, A Beautiful Body!), not all of us are secure enough to be able to embrace them, even though we love what they represent—the ability to bring life into this world!

“Women love being moms, but no woman wants stretch marks!” exclaims Ali Landry, 39, who just gave birth to her third child, son Valentine Francesco. As an actress, TV host and model, Ali’s job pretty much depends on looking amazing all the time, so she totally gets the fear of stretch marks that most women have.

That said? In the nearly seven years of motherhood and three pregnancies, Ali hasn’t had a single stretch mark. It’s okay to hate her just a little bit for that (if only we could all be that blessed!), but she’s way too sweet to hate her a lot! And even though there is sadly no miracle cream that can stop you from getting stretch marks (it’s mostly hereditary and about 90 percent of women will get them during one of their pregnancies), Ali swears by Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, which she used while pregnant with Estela (now six), before she became a Spokesbelly for Palmer’s products with Marcelo (now 21 months), and Valentine (born yesterday!).

Ali took time out of her insane schedule to share how pregnancy has affected her self-esteem, how she told daughter Estela she was going to be a big sister again, and why you won’t be seeing her in a bikini on a magazine cover anytime soon.

How did you tell Estela about the new baby?
Andre and I told her on Christmas. We had a video camera going as we told her together because we wanted to capture this big, exciting moment, and she acted like she already knew! She was like, “OK, another one’s coming.”

Was she disappointed she wasn’t getting a baby sister?
At first she really wanted another brother, but now that Marcelo’s bigger and getting more aggressive she’s realizing two brothers mean double the trouble!

Not to scare you, but there was a recent study that said women with three kids are more stressed out than women with any other number of children.
My friend with four kids told me that three was really hard, but that four was really great. So I told my husband, maybe we should hurry up and have a fourth!

What advice would you give a mom who’s pregnant with another baby?
The same advice I’d give first-time moms: When the baby sleeps, you sleep! Otherwise, you’ll never get any rest.

Did you go on a babymoon with this pregnancy?
We did! We did a double babymoon, actually. We had a trip to Rome, where we had a private meeting with the pope and he blessed the baby. That was really special! Then we went to Mexico to relax on the beach. I think it’s important to take time as a couple to stay connected.

Did any of the old wives’ tales ring true for you in predicting whether you were having a boy or girl?
I hadn’t thought about it until now, but both of my sons did sit much lower than my daughter. Wow, what they say is actually true!

You’re such a sex symbol. Do you feel sexy when you’re pregnant?
I don’t ever see myself as sexy, but hopefully my husband does! I will say I feel feminine and confident when I’m pregnant. You really just have no choice but to release any sort of insecurities you have about your body because it is what it is. So you either go with it, embrace it, and love it, like I do, or you’ll be miserable.

So much has been made about how big (Kim Kardashian) or small (Kate Middleton) women are when they’re pregnant. How do you feel about all of that body scrutiny?
I think it’s horrible. Both myself, Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian were all due at the same time (before Kim went into labor early!). I felt like I was going through that with them and it would frustrate me so much to see the media rip them apart because this really is a beautiful time in a woman’s life and everybody is trying to figure it out. I really wish people would have given Kim a break and let her enjoy her pregnancy.

Are you worried about losing the baby weight?
I do feel the pressure, but it’s more for myself than the pressures from the industry. I feel better when I’m in shape, and I really love to exercise. Plus, working out gives me energy, and I’m going to need a lot of it since I have three children to run around after! That said, it really frustrates me when I see someone in a swimsuit on the cover of a magazine three weeks after giving birth. That’s impossible to live up to! I look at it this way—it took nine months to put the weight on, it’s going to take nine months to take it off. It’s a process. Give yourself a break and really enjoy that gorgeous baby of yours!

TELL US: Are you worried about getting stretch marks? If you already have them, do you cherish or hate them?

Image of Ali Landry and her kids courtesy of Palmer’s.

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Welcome to Everything Pregnancy!

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Patty and Logan photo Hi,

My name is Patty Adams Martinez, and I’m excited to introduce you to the new blog, Everything Pregnancy, for As a mom of one adorable 9-month-old, what it feels like to be pregnant and the many ups (finding out the sex of the baby! feeling him kick for the first time!) and downs (morning sickness for 6 months straight! developing gestational diabetes!) are fresh in my mind.

Being pregnant is such a magical time, and I’m happy that I’ll be a part of your journey, filling you in on everything from which celebrities are pregnant along with you, to how to dress your ever-growing bump, entertain alcohol-free, plan a babymoon on a budget, and decode all of the important (and sometimes crazy) studies that come out about pregnancy.

I’m an entertainment junkie, who has had the pleasure of interviewing tons of stars over the years, so this pop culture-filled blog about pregnancy is the perfect pairing of my two passions. I’ll be blogging most weekdays with my postings going up around 1 pm ET (if I’m late—please cut me some slack due to my aforementioned cutie, who is currently crawling up a storm and getting into everything in sight).

Much like checking in with your BFF to get caught up on the latest in her life, my hope is that this blog will become a regular destination for mamas-in-the-making to find out the must-know pregnancy news of the moment. I want to hear your feedback too, so please keep me posted when I do something you like, or when I miss the mark. The important thing is to get a dialogue going, and to have a lot of fun along the way. I hope to hear from you soon! xoxo —Patty


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