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The Real Reason Beyoncé Cut Her Hair Short?

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Beyonce short haircutAnything Queen B does makes news, but when Beyoncé unexpectedly chopped off all of her long, signature locks the internet nearly broke down! You could say Bey was going for shock value (it did make headlines!), or just a more sophisticated look. But I think all moms and moms-to-be know the real reason she decided to do an extreme makeover, a blunt blonde pixie—which I absolutely love! You just don’t have time for yourself once you have a baby so the less maintenance the better.

Lots of women experiment with a short ‘do while pregnant in anticipation of not having time to fuss with their unmanageable manes once baby arrives (I went the opposite route and just threw my hair in a ponytail 24/7). While you’re pregnant, you expect all of the changes to your body, but your hair goes through a pretty shocking metamorphosis too. Some women’s hair gets thicker and grows like a weed (like mine did—8 inches in 9 months!); others‘ hair gets noticeably thinner and can even start to come out in clumps.

I was at a photo shoot just yesterday with a celebrity who has a 3-year-old, and she was telling me that her hair is still frizzy post-pregnancy (an issue she never had pre-baby), and her stylist warned her that it could take up to four years to have your hair go back to normal after you have a baby. Who knew?!

So I think Beyoncé’s spontaneous cut (it was so spontaneous her longtime hairstylist reportedly didn’t even know about it till she saw the photos on Instagram!) actually has more to do with being a mom to toddler Blue Ivy, and all of the wacky changes her hair has gone through post-pregnancy, than her trying to make a style statement. That said, she has made one bold statement, highlighting her gorgeous face. I think she’s hotter than ever!

TELL US: Has Beyoncé inspired you to chop your locks? Do you think Beyoncé can make the “mom cut” chic?

Image of Beyoncé via Instagram.

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Bikini Baby Bump Photo: Do It Now!

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Celebrity Bumpie PhotoI know taking a bikini photo period can seem daunting, let alone one when you’re pregnant—like really, really pregnant. But I think you should do it, and here’s why:

It’s a beautiful moment. There’s an indescribable intimacy that develops between you and your bump. You have an amazing little being inside of you, and the unconditional love is already there. Much like in those nature videos when you see the mama bird keeping her eggs warm through winter, and prey at bay, that’s what a pregnant woman turns into—someone who will take care of her baby at all costs, even before its hatched. And I think that’s something to be celebrated.

You’re gorgeous, and no one is going to pick a part how you look (including you!). It’s true what they say—your skin has a natural glow when you’re pregnant. Hormones or not, I think it’s your happiness shining through! You walk with a newfound confidence and feel super-feminine. You no longer look at your so-called flaws, because all eyes are on your bump. It’s big and it’s beautiful!

You can be artistic. Have fun with it! Do a moody black and white shot, a silhouette at sunset, a playful old-school pinup pose. It doesn’t have to be something taken too seriously and it doesn’t have to be too sexy (unless you want that—you’re in control!).

It can be done on the cheap. You don’t have to do an elaborate photo shoot with a professional photographer and lighting to capture a great moment. Just a quick, simple shot can do the trick. Some of my favorite photos of myself were taken by my husband on his iPhone, some when I have no makeup on at all.

I regret not taking one, and so I don’t want you to have any regrets either! Not to get all Debbie Downer on you, but my dad was really sick when I was pregnant, so I spent a week out of each month going down to Florida to visit him during the last six months of his life—which I would never take back and I’m so glad I was able to do that for him and my mom—but that kept me from going on a babymoon and taking a bikini bump photo.

I remember a girlfriend of mine telling me, “Who cares if you have the vacation, you can still take the photo!” I felt silly just getting into a bikini for no reason to have my husband photograph me, so I never got the shot. Now when I see a gorgeous pregnancy photograph, like Jaime King’s, I kick myself every time. Learn from my mistake: Don’t be embarrassed, just do it!

For more celeb inspiration, check out Vanessa Lachey, Marisa Miller, and Alessandra Ambrosio.

TELL US: Will you be doing a bikini bumpie? If you already have, share your tips for getting a great shot!

Image of Jaime King via Instagram.

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Birth Trend: Tans, Waxing and Makeovers (Oh My!)

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Spray tanning waxing blow outs pre-baby makeoversOf course you want your labor to go as smoothly as possible, but is it important for you to look good while actually pushing out your baby? Apparently it is for a growing number of women, according to the Daily Mail.

The new trend is to shell out bushels of bucks to look your absolute best before you go into labor, so you can guarantee an amazing post-birth photo op with your brand new baby. As if everyone will be looking at you in the photo!

While everyone in the article seems to have prepped to the hilt with French manicures and pedicures, highlights and blow outs, bikini and leg waxes, and spray tans, 29-year-old Heather wins for most high maintenance by actually applying another layer of self-tanner while in labor. Yes, while in labor! I’ve heard of  keeping busy to get your mind off of things (like pain), but that is crazy!

I think it’s a bit ridiculous to have a spray tanner, bikini waxer, nail technician and hair and makeup artist on high alert so they can bronze you, dehair your nether regions, paint your nails, add color to your pout and straighten your locks for what could be 24 hours or more of hard, painful labor!

While some say if you feel beautiful, you’re more confident, and therefore you’ll get through the labor pains easier, for me, a face full of makeup is the last thing I would have wanted since my birthing room was already a total sauna thanks to a bum air conditioner in the dead of summer. I assure you it wasn’t pretty!

I went into labor 10 days early, with my water breaking at 4 am, so I was not prepared whatsoever. My mani and pedi were chipped, my hair was a mess, and I was still wiping sleep from my eyes as I was in shock and wondering if what I thought just happened really did (Could I be dreaming?). But once I gathered my thoughts—and things—I knew I wanted to be completely comfortable for what could be a long wait at the hospital. I wore a loose sundress and flip flops with no makeup whatsoever (Heather, mind you, was in heels and full hair and makeup).

I admit, though, I see those first photos taken right after my son was born and the vain part of me thinks, “Jeeze, I look awful!” instead of concentrating on what an awe-inspiring experience it was to hold my son in my arms for the first time. I was absolutely elated, proud, and in love with this tiny little Buddah baby that would one day call me mom!

Sure, a part of me wishes I looked straight off of the red carpet rather than the treadmill in my very first photo with my little man, but I now know  from other moms that there is a happy medium between my carefree attitude and the makeover madness of other women. Some friends I know had the baby au naturale, but then had hair and makeup people come to the hospital for a post-birth touch up on the day the family was checking out of the hospital. It also served as a mini spa day for the mamas, and much needed pampering as their bundles of joy were getting all of their tests ran before they could be discharged anyway.

Waiting that extra day or two, mom and baby had a chance to bond, rest, and lose some of that blotchy coloring that comes with extreme labor pushes for mom, and the wild ride down the birth canal for baby. That way, they had their (possibly cringe-worthy, but emotional) first photos for family viewing only, and then the glamour shots that were sent to everyone. It’s the best of both worlds.

TELL US: Will you be getting a makeover before you give birth?

Image of mom and newborn courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Nude Pregnancy Pictures: Trashy or Classy?

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Boudoir PhotographyNude photo shoots aren’t just for Playboy Bunnies anymore! More and more women are baring all while pregnant in boudoir-style photo shoots. And not just celebrities like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Mariah Carey (who were all inspired by Demi Moore)—regular pregnant women like you are taking nude pregnancy pictures.

Some take naked pictures to preserve how beautiful pregnancy is. You have that natural “pregnancy glow,” making your skin look fabulous, and oxytocin, the natural feel-good drug, is pumping through you, making you happy 24/7 (even when your body is aching, heaving, or any number of other bad stuff!). Your body, and life, are both going through one of the largest transformations you will ever undertake. Why not capture the moment, and celebrate it?

Others do these risqué shoots to feel sexy at a time when their self-esteems could use a much-needed boost. Yes, even your fattest of jeans are too small right now. Yes, you can’t even reach your shoe strings let alone stand the thought of wearing a G-string (granny panties, anyone?). But, no, that doesn’t mean you aren’t attractive! The proof is in the photographer’s proofs. Embrace your newfound curves, and capture a priceless keepsake for you and your honey.

Or not. While many women are lining up to get their nude pregnancy pictures taken, there are still a lot of ladies who think the whole idea is just plain obscene, or downright embarrassing for their future children—another pic that will end up on Awkward Family Photos, right? And getting all dolled up in between Braxton Hicks contractions and putting on nothing but a smile for the cameras (which supposedly add another 10 pounds) is the last thing on earth you’d want to do when you already don’t feel comfortable in your very-stretched skin.

So the question is: Are nude pregnancy pics cheap and trashy or sweet and classy? And only you can answer that question for yourself.

TELL US: Will you be stripping down for a nude pregnancy photo shoot? Why or why not?

Image of pregnant woman courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Maternity Clothes: The Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing Your (Growing) Bump

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

I remember vividly the day my favorite jeans stopped buttoning when I was about six or seven months pregnant. I even teared up (thanks hormones!). My response may have been overly dramatic, but a good fit, nice color, and pretty silhouette go a long way to making you feel like a million bucks.

When you’re pregnant, dressing can be a major fashion challenge even for the trendiest mom-to-be because your body is always changing, and you don’t know which clothes in your closet are going to fit from day to day. Suddenly, you’re dressing this body that seems totally foreign to you, and you have no idea what’s going to look good on it. Olivia Capone Myers, Design Director for A Pea in the Pod, to the rescue! Olivia’s pregnant herself, and due in about two weeks. So not only is she a fashion expert, but she knows firsthand how to flatter a woman’s new curves. Here are her six tips to dressing—and feeling—like the goddess you are.

DON’T MAKE YOUR OVERSIZED SWEATS YOUR GO-TO OUTFIT.“When you’re pregnant, being comfortable is key,” says Olivia. “I see so many women wear their sweatpants everywhere, or even worse, their husband’s clothes, because they fit and they’re comfortable. There are so many other alternatives! Leggings, jeans, dresses! Jersey knits are the best.”

Maternity Clothing DressDO EMBRACE YOUR BUMP.
“Sometimes women think that if they wear bigger clothes—like buying a size or two up in a regular [non-maternity] dress—they will be able to hide their bump,” says Olivia. “Instead, the stomach may fit, but everything else is baggy and it just makes you look larger. You’re better off buying a maternity dress that fits you everywhere—like this Isabella Oliver Vivian Print T-Shirt Dress—and that accentuates your tummy, and still shows off all of your best assets.”

Scoop, boat and V-neck tops are all a good choice for pregnant women, because they help frame your face,” says Olivia. “I live in camisoles that I can throw something over.” The only rule: watch your proportions. A long tunic with skinny jeans will help elongate you.

“If you only splurge on one item, make it a pair of designer jeans that make you feel fantastic,” says Olivia. “Jeans, like these 7 for All Mankind Secret Fit Belly 5-pocket jeans, can be dressed up and down, so you can wear them just about anywhere.”

Maternity Dress Clothing

“Women worry that they can’t wear patterns or horizontal stripes anytime—especially when they’re pregnant,” says Olivia. “But as long as you have an all-over print without a lot of negative space, or you have a simple stripe, they really flatter a pregnant woman’s body.”

DON’T BE AFRAID OF COLOR.“The instinct for pregnant women is to dress in dark colors, like navy or black, because they think it makes them look slimmer,” says Olivia. “But color actually really flatters your body, especially if you have ruching details around your stomach,” like in this Isabella Oliver sleeveless maternity dress.

TELL US: What have been your go-to maternity pieces? Do you have any style tips to share with your fellow moms-to-be?

Images courtesy of A Pea in the Pod.


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