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Here’s the One Thing You Might NOT Expect After Delivery

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Alesandra Dubin twinsHey Pregnant Ladies:

I hope very much that you, like a celebrity, look Us Weekly-cover ready a month after you deliver. Looking and feeling hot and sexy as a new mom would make for a few less things to worry about during that emotional, exhausted, insane first few weeks. And I want that for you.
And maybe that will happen. But just in case it doesn’t, I’m here to tell you a couple of personal tales that I hope can prepare you, in the event that you find yourself still looking pregnant for a really long time after you deliver. (If this is news to you, sorry I’m the one to—ahem—deliver it!)

Here’s the real deal: You’re probably going to look pregnant for a while, even a long while, after delivery.

Here are stories from my first three months postpartum, after delivering my full-term twins, that still make me cringe deep in my soul — the trauma may never fully fade, in fact. But now that I’ve lost all my pregnancy weight (50-plus pounds through hard, protracted work — no magic involved), I have the necessary distance (and confidence) to tell two tales from the trenches.

Story one, and perhaps the depths of my postpartum insecurity, came about two months postpartum: I was invited to a bachelorette party at a massive and well-known spa in Koreatown Los Angeles. If you are not familiar with the Korean-style spa experience, it’s totally communal, with nowhere to hide. For that reason, I almost declined the invite, but I somehow summoned my strength and went for it after all, knowing my friends would support me and pump me up.

Instead, at the entrance, the check-in lady took one look at my belly and told me pregnant women were not allowed inside. I turned around and cried into the arm of one of my dear friends, who did her best, as expected, to make me feel supported. Enough so, in fact, that I wiped my copious snot, told the woman I wasn’t pregnant but recently had two babies, and went on ahead into the locker room. I emerged wearing my maternity swimsuit — with enough fabric it could be a bed sheet—and a spa patron promptly yelled at me (in Korean, but the message was clear) that swimsuits were against the rules. Rather than let my further suffering take away from the bride’s experience, I collected my stuff, asked for my money back, and walked to the nearest bus bench at Crenshaw and Wilshire (not the most scenic of environments) to sob my eyes out and wait for my husband to pick me up. Aaaand scene.

Several weeks later — at almost exactly 12 weeks postpartum — I had a milestone. A business trip to Las Vegas provided the opportunity for my first flight since I got too pregnant to fly, and also my first time away from my babes. Thanks to an assortment of drapey new clothes, I felt somewhat more confident, and relished my success as a new mom in getting it together (logistically, mentally, physically) enough to maintain my professional responsibilities, even with eager flair and competence. All was going well until the return trip home: At the airport, I passed through the body scanner no problem. But the TSA agent on the other side took me aside and told me she’d nevertheless “have to check my waistband.” Yes, she thought it looked like I was a terrorist stashing something. Not a bomb lady, but thanks for the punch in the emotional gut!

Before anyone points out that I should shut up about my body because I was blessed to have to healthy babes, know this: I did, and do, feel deep gratitude for delivering healthy humans, in particular after a high-risk pregnancy and a delivery complication that might have killed me in another place or time. But none of that makes me less of a woman who wants to feel confident in her skin.

And those, of course, were only two of the more memorable times people inquired about my pregnancy long after the fact. Thankfully, those shattering experiences are at last in the past — though at six months postpartum, I’m still working hard to heal the diastasis recti that was partly responsible for rounding out my belly. Diastasis recti is an issue many moms face — and something close enough to my heart that I’m writing a series of three stories for explaining the details and treatment in more depth. (Look out for these!)

But with or without this specific condition, it’s a huge bummer. Your uterus will likely need weeks to shrink back down to size. You may need to heal damage to your core. You will need time to heal. You’re going to want the postpartum period of time to go faster. You’re probably going to want to punch people who comment on your pregnancy while you are pushing a stroller filled with an already-born baby (or, in my case, two babies). Perceptive much? Tactful much?

It’s totally normal. Be patient — or don’t. But try to be kind to your amazing self.

And if you need to, cry it out on a bus bench while you wait for your husband to rescue you from a truly bad afternoon at the Korean spa.

Do whatever you need to do until you adjust to your postpartum figure and your new life. You and your body just performed a miracle.

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Alesandra Dubin is a new twin mom. She’s also a Los Angeles-based writer and the founder of home and travel blog Homebody in Motion. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

Birth Stories: When You're Expecting Twins
Birth Stories: When You're Expecting Twins
Birth Stories: When You're Expecting Twins

Photo courtesy of Alesandra Dubin

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Model Mama: Molly Sims Shares Her Look-Good, Feel-Good Secrets

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

This blog post was written by Parents Editorial Assistant Ruthie Fierberg


Supermodel, actress, and mom to Brooks, 2, Molly Sims is about to add another title to her list of qualifiers: author. Her book The Everyday Supermodel: My Beauty, Fashion and Wellness Secrets Made Simple hits shelves January 6. Parents caught up with Sims—now pregnant with her second baby—just before the holidays to talk about how those secrets apply to moms like her. Without taking a breath, Sims began our phone conversation like any other mom:

Molly Sims: If you ask me what I’m doing right now I’m being a good parent. I’m making Christmas cookies, so I couldn’t pick up the phone because I have flour everywhere. You never think you’re going to [be into the holidays] but when you have kids it all changes.

P: Well it must be time for some fun since you’ve been working on your book. Are there any simple secrets in there especially for moms?

MS: We break [the book] down into beauty, fashion, food, fitness and I think all of it pertains to being a mom. We show you how to dress, we show you how to do your hair and makeup, we show you how to take care of yourself. I don’t believe in staying in your yoga clothes all day. When I first had Brooks, I got into that habit and I’m like I cannot start this because then I don’t feel good about myself. Now I get up and I get dressed even if I don’t have anywhere to go.

P: Life with a toddler is busy and messy. Is there one tip when it comes to a beauty or fashion regimen that is doable and quick for other toddler moms or pregnant women that can give you the feeling you’re doing something for yourself?

MS: Whether you spend $35 at the Dry Bar or learn to give yourself a good blowout, a good blowout can last for four days and make you feel fantastic. Invest in a good pair of leggings. Invest in a few “quardrobe” pieces that you can put on with boots, with flats, with flip flops, you can go from day to night, to spring to summer to fall to winter. Also, when you’re pregnant you don’t have to dress like you’re nine months pregnant when you’re only four. Dress tighter. The tighter you dress the skinnier you look. But in terms of on-the-go, I always say have a great cardigan, a great tank top, a great pair of jeans. Find that one good piece and make that versatile. That’s the best thing I can tell moms.

We’re writing a second book called The Everyday Supermama. You might be finger-painting, dropping off for class, and interviewing in the same day. Always have a refrigerator packed full of great snacks because you’re gonna be hungry driving seven kids around all day. Also, if you put on lip gloss and sunglasses, no one tells that you’re having a bad makeup day. It’s great for moms who do drop-off and pickup.

P: You’re expecting baby number two. You mentioned you had a bit of a tough pregnancy last time. Is there a huge difference now?

MS: Totally. I was so not sick with him and with this one, for four months I have been sick. I’ve thrown up, I’ve felt like I had 1900 glasses of wine—haven’t had any.

P: What have you done to deal with that?

MS: Oh gosh. I’ve done everything from pretzel crackers to ginger tea to gum. [When I first] walked into my ob-gyn carrying a bottle of ginger ale I was like Mama is pregnant or something is wrong with her—like the flu.

P: Have you decided to find out the gender or will it be a surprise?

MS: In January I’ll be seven months, so I think we’re gonna find out then. We weren’t gonna find out but then I’m like dying to know so I can do my nursery. The practical things in life. I also want to start to be able to tell Brooksy. He has no idea that there is a baby in my belly. I want him to be able to understand me. I want to be able to say “Oh my gosh he or she is so excited!”

P: You mentioned that you’re pretty nauseous, but are there any crazy pregnancy cravings?

MS: Sugar. I had two hot chocolates the other day in a row. Literally two packs, two sets of marshmallows in two different cups. Not gonna lie. All my first pregnancy there’s this place [in LA] where you get that confetti birthday cake. I literally stopped, got a cake for a friend, got me a slice, had a plastic fork and was eating it driving on the 405. And I’m like THIS is being pregnant. This is a supermodel eating confetti birthday cake with a plastic fork at a stoplight.

P: Aside from the physical symptoms, what’s going on in your head?

MS: I’m feeling good. I’m nervous. Not gonna lie about that. I hope I love it as much as I love Brooks, but then I never thought I could love Brooks this much. Everyone says another one is a game-changer, but I guess I’m ready. Bring it on. You know? I’ve waited so long for him or her. I’m a little bit used to boys, so if I have a girl I think I’ll be a little scared just because I feel like I’m a boy mom because that’s all I know. Listen, we had a little bit of a difficult time this time around and had a little bit of a bad experience so I don’t care what it is I’m just happy.

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Boy or Girl: How Genetics Determine Your Baby's Gender
Boy or Girl: How Genetics Determine Your Baby's Gender
Boy or Girl: How Genetics Determine Your Baby's Gender

Photograph: Molly Sims and family, credit: Gia Canali

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Watch a Woman Become a Mom in 6 Seconds

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Written by Bonnie Gibbs Vengrow

Is it just me, or does pregnancy play around with your sense of time? The first trimester feels pretty normal, the second moves at warp speed, and the third? Well, it slogs along like a chain gang on its way to the gulag.

In what can only be described as a flash of genius, one savvy expectant couple compressed their entire nine-month journey into a six-second Vine video that’s already received over 9 million views. Even though it’s over almost as soon as it begins, the video titled “The 9 Month Vine” was a real labor of love for Ian Padgham and wife Claire Pasquier. Padgham, who creates Vines for various brands, asked Pasquier to stand in the same spot in the bathroom each month while he captured two frames of video, reports Yahoo! News. He spliced the shots together to create one awesome video. And the Vine has a happy ending, of course — the final second or two shows the new mom cradling her newborn. Aww.

Check out the entire Vine video below:

Wondering how big your bump will get? Check out the Your Growing Belly photo gallery to get an idea. Then head over to Everything Pregnancy on Facebook to read up on the latest pregnancy news!

Robyn Moreno: What Surprised Me About Pregnancy
Robyn Moreno: What Surprised Me About Pregnancy
Robyn Moreno: What Surprised Me About Pregnancy

Video of “The 9 Month Vine” courtesy of Ian Padgham via Vine

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Kardashian Baby Bump Comparison: Kourtney vs. Kris

Friday, August 8th, 2014

In honor of Throwback Thursday (and of the trend of recreating old family shots) reality star Kourtney Kardashian posted naked pictures of her sporting her first baby bump with boyfriend Scott Disick—and of her mom, Kris Jenner similarly posed from a decades-ago pregnancy.

It seems to be a hot trend amongst celebrity moms-to-be to pose for nude bump shots and share them with the world: Christina Aguilera just did it, and Demi Moore, Britney Spears, Cindy Crawford, and Jessica Simpson also showed it all, often splashed across a magazine cover.

But celebs are the only moms-to-be I know who are following this trend—I haven’t seen or heard of a single dare-to-bare bump shot amongst my entire mom cohort.

Tell us: Did you pose for a bare bump shot? And did you share it on your Twitter feed?

If you’re looking for great info about creating your own tasteful bump shot, check out our tips here. And don’t forget to like Everything Pregnancy on Facebook to keep up with the very latest in pregnancy-related news.

Fun Ways to Flaunt Your Bump
Fun Ways to Flaunt Your Bump
Fun Ways to Flaunt Your Bump

Image: Kourtney Kardashian, via Twitter

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Pregnant with TWINS & Being Belly Bashed? Not Cool!

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Chris Hemsworth’s gorgeous wife Elsa Pataky—who is seven months pregnant with twins—was working it on the Oscars red carpet. The Fast & Furious 6 star was totally owning her bump, which was proudly on display in an eye-catching teal custom-made Elie Saab embellished gown. She looked like she was having a blast posing beside her hunky husband (Who wouldn’t? Um, hello, he’s Thor for a reason!). I’m sure she was savoring the big night out, which will likely be few and far between once the twins join big sister India, 21 months.

Then E!’s Fashion Police had to go and burst her precious mama-to-be bubble by making fun of her bump. “I’m sorry, look at her tummy! She is HUGE. I know why she’s huge, I saw her sonogram,” joked Joan Rivers as the camera cut to the selfie of Ellen DeGeneres posing with 10 other stars (plus Lupita Nyong’o’s brother). And making things worse, jerky co-host and fashion stylist George Kotsiopoulos chimed in, “That doesn’t look like a baby bump—looks like a beer belly!”

Oh, no they didn’t!  Yes, yes, they did! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I wanted to yell back some choice expletives at the TV screen. How could they? Being pregnant is such a sacred time, and one when you truly have no control whatsoever over your body. Of course, Elsa’s not the first star to be fat-shamed while pregnant (Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson!), but it doesn’t make it anymore acceptable. Yes, the show is supposed to be funny—supposed to be—but this time it crossed the Mean Girl line, in my opinion.

TELL US: Do you think when it comes to comedy everyone’s a fair target? Or should pregnant fat jokes be off limits?

Keep tabs on your pregnancy pounds with our pregnancy weight gain calculator.

Comfy (Not Frumpy!) Clothes
Comfy (Not Frumpy!) Clothes
Comfy (Not Frumpy!) Clothes

Image of Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth via Twitter.

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