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Crazy Pregnancy Dreams: Guess Which Celeb Is Having Them?!

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Whether we remember or not, we all have dreams every night, but when our hormones are in hyperactive overdrive during pregnancy our dreams tend to be extra-emotional (no shock there!) and super-vivid. Pregnancy dreams could include everything from anxiety-inducing “Where did I leave my newborn baby?” to ones with larger-than-life action sequences or blush-worthy sexual fantasies with a partner you’d never even think twice about in your awake hours (the mailman or that pimply barista, really?).

Pregnant Today host Savannah Guthrie is no exception. She shares in her hilarious blog that she’s bump-deep in wacky dreams right now. “In the last few weeks, I have had some of the oddest and most vivid dreams of my life,” she writes. “Every night has become a hormone-addled tour of my increasingly freaky id.”

She confesses she’s had the standard “Am I really ready for this?” anxiety dreams, like the ol’ “my teeth fell out” and “the school dream,” where you forgot you had a test and you won’t graduate if you don’t pass it. Her pregnancy cravings have even played a role, frustrating her when she couldn’t order a sundae at an ice cream shop.

“Every time I went up to order they were out of ‘my’ flavor,” she explains. “So then I tried the-self-serve ice cream place, but instead of paper cups they had edible cookie bowls that kept crumbling before I could get to the cashier. Bottom line: I could. Not. Get. My. Ice. Cream. In my dream, this was an epic tale of determination, frustration and struggle. For ice cream.”

And then things get weird: She dreamed she gave birth, which seems pretty normal, until she’s forced to pilot a helicopter, which she crashes into the water, and escapes as it bursts into a fireball.

Savannah writes, “Hey, subconscious, thanks for the subtlety. Evidently, I am nervous about doing something I’ve never done before. And fear it will result in a dramatic, blazing crash, with innocent bystanders caught in the burning flames of my ill-preparedness. Nothing like your inner self beating you over the head with a metaphor.”

As insane as all these dreams seem, they’re actually very normal, say experts. During pregnancy, you’re adjusting to massive changes in your body and you’re soon going to be taking on a new, very important role that you’re likely nervous about. So dreams are essentially your way of handling all of that stress in a healthy way.

Increased progesterone levels during pregnancy (especially in the later trimesters) are also linked to more intense dreams, and since pregnant women tend to wake more throughout the night, they’re more likely to wake up mid-dream—which makes it easier to remember all of the craziness!

So even if you’re suddenly dreaming about hooking up with an ex, know that it has no basis in reality. It’s just that you’re likely feeling vulnerable about this rapidly approaching role as mommy and those feelings of insecurity are manifesting themselves in wacky ways. Relax, we’ve all been there!

TELL US: What’s the craziest pregnancy dream you’ve ever had?

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Pregnancy Sex Tips: What's Up With Your Sex Dreams?
Pregnancy Sex Tips: What's Up With Your Sex Dreams?

Image of Savannah Guthrie courtesy of Joe Seer/Shutterstock.

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Meet the Duggars of England: The Radfords!

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

While America has the Duggars, who have 19 children and are contemplating having their twentieth, England has the Radfords—the largest family in Britain. Matriarch Sue Radford, 39, is pregnant with her 17th baby (due in November), who will join her nine sons and seven daughters ranging in age from 25 to 1.

To add to the family’s excitement, Sue and husband Noel’s 20-year-old daughter, Sophie, is also pregnant and will be having her second child just five weeks earlier than her mom! Sue says going through the pregnancies together has kept her mind off worrying about her own baby. Sadly, Sue had a miscarriage in September (similar to her U.S. counterpart Michelle Duggar). Sue says she and Noel were “devastated beyond words” when a 12-week scan revealed they had lost their baby.

“After everything we went through when we had a miscarriage, Sophie really helps to keep me calm, Sue told The Daily Mail. “I worried constantly during my last pregnancy but instead of doing the same this time, I just keep saying that what will be, will be. Because we are going through the same thing, we are able to talk about everything and reassure each other. It is great not to have to go through it all on your own.”

The two moms-to-be aren’t only sharing their feelings with each other, but their food cravings too. “We are craving all of the same things, particularly junk food,” shares Sue. “We just laugh and say at least we will get fat together.”

Sophie knows she is having a girl, but Sue hasn’t found out the sex of her baby yet, but has a gut feeling it will be another boy. Will they stop there, or keep adding to their brood like their American equivalent across the Pond, the Duggars? “I always say ‘never say never,’ but maybe this time it is the last,” says Sue.

Wondering if you’re having a boy or a girl? Check our ancient Chinese birth chart for fun!

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Stress During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?
Stress During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?

Image courtesy of the Radfords.

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Christina Ricci Is Pregnant!

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Christina Ricci is pregnant with her first child—and just under her deadline! You read that right. Back in 2008, the actress was quoted by as saying, “I want to get married and have kids, maybe not next year, but before I’m 35.” Well, she did it. Christina is 34!

Christina and hubby James Heerdegen—a camera technician she met on the set of her short-lived 2011 TV show, Pan Am—had been keeping their baby-on-the-way status on the DL. But as they say, pictures speak a thousand words, and photos surfaced of Christina walking through LAX with a sizable bump (accentuated by wearing a belt just below her chest, a tell-tale sign of maternity wear!).

Shop for cute maternity clothes!

While Christina has yet to comment about her pregnancy, her publicist confirmed Christina is indeed pregnant. The mom-to-be has said she thinks she’ll be a “good mother, and entertaining.” Congrats to Christina and James! I can’t wait to hear what they name their baby. Personally, I’d love them to choose the name Wednesday (as in Christina’s character in the Addams Family)—it’s a unisex baby name, so it’ll work no matter whether they’re having a boy or girl.

Pregnant? Check out our due date calculator!

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Pregnancy Myths: What Should You Believe?
Pregnancy Myths: What Should You Believe?

Image of Christina Ricci courtesy of FeatureFlash/Shutterstock.

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Is Your Pregnancy Diet Lacking THIS?!

Monday, May 26th, 2014

When it comes to a pregnancy diet, you probably think about eating clean, organic foods, drinking milk, and taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid. You probably don’t think about needing more iodine in your diet, right? Well, it turns out you should!

New research by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that one-third of pregnant women in the United States have an iodine deficiency, and iodine is needed to produce thyroid hormones—which control your metabolism and play an integral part in your baby’s all-important brain development. One theory for the lack of iodine in women’s diets is that processed foods don’t use iodized salts, and Americans as a whole are eating much more processed food than we once did.

And even though in the U.S. pregnant women often take prenatal vitamins, only 15 to 20 percent take ones that contain any iodine (in the form of potassium iodide), and many of those that do contain iodide don’t contain the 150 mg suggested by the National Academy of Sciences. The recommendation for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms is the same—a daily supplement that includes at least 150 mg of iodine and use of iodized table salt for a combined intake of between 290 and 1100 mg of iodide per day.

You can naturally add iodine into your diet by eating things like seafood or low-fat yogurt. And in the U.S. most table salt is fortified (a practice that started in 1924 to help end iodide deficiencies), so it’s an excellent source for iodine with ¼ teaspoon providing about 47 percent of your necessary daily intake.

So it’s relatively easy to add what you need into your diet to give your baby the best chances of being a brainiac—but like everything else, consult your doctor about your individual needs, especially before taking any supplement!

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How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy: What
How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy: What "Eating for Two" Really Means

Image of pregnant woman eating yogurt courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Claire Danes on Filming Sex Scenes While Pregnant!

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Who doesn’t love a steamy sex scene, especially when it’s on an awesome show that always keeps you guessing, like Homeland? Well, the show’s star, Claire Danes, for one—at least during pregnancy!

According to Claire the most uncomfortable scenes to film pregnant were the sex scenes (which I imagine would be incredibly awkward to film even at your skinniest weight, and without all those lovely gastrointestinal issues that come with being pregnant!). “At the very end, I was a month and a half shy of popping, and I was doing a romantic scene,” says Claire, during a roundtable discussion for The Hollywood Reporter. “And Cyrus was really active. It was late at night, it was after dinner, and [my son] was going crazy in my belly. It was like he was protesting on my husband [Hugh Dancy]’s behalf or something. That was hard!”

Claire shared that filming while pregnant with her now-17-month-old son was the most physically demanding job of her career. “I was pregnant for the second season of Homeland, and as my baby progressed, the show got more action-packed,” she revealed. “At one point, we were shooting in an old sewage factory. I was kidnapped, I was chained to a pipe, it was 4 a.m., I was 7 ½ months pregnant, and I was like, ‘This sucks.’ At one point, the baby was on my sciatic nerve, and I was charging down the halls of pretend Langley.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted just reading that! As tough as it was for Claire, though, having to power through long, physically-demanding hours with no sleep sounds like the perfect boot camp for motherhood!

TELL US: What’s been the most uncomfortable thing you’ve had to endure while being pregnant?

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Pregnancy Sex Tips: What's Up With Your Sex Drive?
Pregnancy Sex Tips: What's Up With Your Sex Drive?

Image of Claire Danes courtesy of S_Bukley/Shutterstock.

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