See Snooki’s Sonogram! The Surprising Thing Her Daughter’s Doing

“My baby girl!” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi exclaimed on Instagram, alongside a sonogram of her daughter, who appears to be holding one hand close to her lips. “She’s healthy and look, she’s already applying lipstick,” the Jersey Shore alum joked, posting a lipstick and sassy girl emoji, and proudly adding, “#mygirl.”

Snooki—who is five months along and has launched a clothing line called “Snooki Love“—recently posted an adorable gender reveal video, where she and son Lorenzo, 21 months, found out her second child would be a little girl. The reality star admits that being pregnant the second time around is way better than the first.

“My first pregnancy I didn’t do anything,” Jionni LaValle’s wife-to-be told Us Weekly. “I just sat and ate on the couch and I was literally a whale—I slept 24 hours [a day]. And I was so negative and hated life cause I just didn’t feel good at all. With this pregnancy I’m working out and eating healthy and just way active—so I just feel better about life.”

Having her bestie, JWoww, pregnant and going through the same things helps too. ” I feel like we can be fat together, we can complain about the same things,” she told E! News. “And we’re only three months apart from each other, so we kind of get each other now.”

You can see Snooki and JWoww’s pregnancies play out on the fourth season of their MTV show Snooki and JWoww, airing this summer.

TELL US: What does your baby look like he/she is doing in your sonograms?

Snooki revealed she was having a girl in an adorable video, but our Ancient Chinese Gender Predictor can help you unveil your baby’s gender.

Image of sonogram via Instagram.

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