Best Birth Announcement Reaction EVER!

Cue the waterworks! While you never know how children are going to take the news that mom and dad are having another baby, Faithlyn and Ethan Ouellette (ages 6 and 3, respectively) are caught on camera reacting in such an overwhelmingly happy way—with a mix of open-mouthed awe, screams and hugs—that you can’t help but want to jump up and down for them, too (as you discretely shed a tear, or um, a thousand!).

Their parents, Hannah and Jacob—who call Denver home—wanted to surprise the two with mom’s pregnancy news on Easter. They gave each child a clue to unwrap: a sonogram of  baby number three. After a little help deciphering the hint, Faithlyn couldn’t contain herself. “You’re having a baby in your tummy right now?” she asks, as a huge grin comes over her face and she gives her mom a massive bear hug and goes into a super-sweet fit of giggles. “Oh my God, I can’t thank you enough!”

The. Best. Birth Announcement. Reaction. Ever! Right? Doesn’t every parent hope their children will be this excited about a new sibling? We can only hope!

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Video via YouTube.

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