Could This Keep You From Getting Pregnant?

It’s been ingrained into women that you don’t drink while you’re pregnant (even though a recent book questions that theory). But now researchers say that even if you want to get pregnant, you’re better off not drinking alcohol—at all. Uh-oh!

That’s right, a new study presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Boston found that drinking just one or two glasses of wine a week could reduce a woman’s chances of getting pregnant by a third. Three or more glasses per week cuts the odds of conception by two-thirds, while even low levels of alcohol can disturb the development of unfertilized eggs—causing it to be more difficult, and sometimes impossible, to get pregnant.

In the relatively small study, Dr Dara Godfrey, of Reproductive Medicine Associates in New York, carried out research on 91 women undergoing IVF treatment. Those who did not drink were found to have a 90 percent chance of getting pregnant, while those who drank regularly during the week lowered their chances to 70 percent, and binge-drinking made the problem even worse.

It seems women aren’t alone—drinking can cause infertility issues in men too. Binge drinking reduces a man’s sperm count and the effect can be long-lasting, since it takes about two months for the sperm to fully mature in the testes. There goes the theory that most people conceive because they’ve been drinking!

TELL US: Will you stop drinking when you’re ready to try to get pregnant?

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