Did Kate Middleton and Prince William Lie About Baby’s Due Date?

Pregnant Kate Middleton due dateThe official due date that the Buckingham Palace has announced for Kate Middleton is July 13 (just two and a half weeks away!). But the UK’s Daily Telegraph has reported that the Duchess of Cambridge might be taking a page from Princess Di’s pregnancy playbook, and keeping her true due date a secret to ward off prying paparazzi (which wouldn’t be a bad idea!).

Prince William was born 10 days before his expected due date back in 1982, so speculation is that Kate could give birth as soon as July 3. This news has all of England in a tizzy—as if they weren’t already excited enough for the birth of the heir to the throne!

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but whether she’s really due on the 13th or the 3rd, there’s really no way of successfully predicting when she’ll go into labor. Due dates aren’t very accurate. Only a measly 5 percent of women actually give birth when their OB predicts they will.

For first time moms like Kate, one indicator of when she might give birth could be to look at when her mom Carole had her. According to research, if Carole was a week early, Kate could likely end up having her baby a week early also, because a lot of elements of pregnancy are hereditary. In my case, my mom was 10 days early with her first child, and I was 10 days early with mine. Freaky, right?

So as anxious as we all are to meet the new Prince or Princess of Cambridge, just like Kate and Will, we’re going to have to wait until nature takes its course!

TELL US: Did you go into labor on your due date? If you haven’t given birth yet, have you compared notes with your mom on when she went into labor with you?

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