Which Grey’s Anatomy Star Is Pregnant?

Looks like fact and fiction are gelling quite nicely for Grey’s Anatomy’s star Sarah Drew. Her character, April Kepner, just announced her pregnancy with hunky husband (and fellow doctor) Jackson Avery in the season finale last spring, and now Sarah just shared the same big news in real life—she’s due in December.

This will be the second baby for Sarah and her husband, Peter Lanfer, who already have a two-year-old son, Micah Emmanuel. Continue Reading

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Your Baby Can Learn in Utero!

Can you teach your baby poetry before it’s even born? Researchers think that your baby may actually be hanging on your every word, and that he or she can understand what you’re saying in utero, even as early as the second trimester. (Better mind those four-letter words!)

The study, published in the journal Infant Behavior and Development, involved having the mom recite a particular nursery rhyme to their child a few times a day for six weeks. After the 34th week, the moms stopped reciting the poem, and instead, they played a recording of an unfamiliar woman reciting either the same poem or a different rhyme. Those who heard the familiar poem had their fetal heart rate slow, while those who heard the unfamiliar rhyme had their heart rate speed up.

The researchers believed the slowed heart rate indicated that the child had learned in utero.”This research highlights just how sophisticated the third trimester fetus really is and suggests that a mother’s voice is involved in the development of early learning and memory capabilities,” Charlene Krueger, nursing researcher and associate professor in the University of Florida’s College of Nursing, said in a university news release. “This could potentially affect how we approach the care and stimulation of the preterm infant.”

Bottom line: Talk to your baby in utero! Whether you recite Shakespeare or simply share words of love, your baby’s listening. Want to keep up with how your baby’s developing? Sign up for our Daily Kick newsletter.

Growing Big: Weeks 31 to 34 of Pregnancy
Growing Big: Weeks 31 to 34 of Pregnancy
Growing Big: Weeks 31 to 34 of Pregnancy

Image: Twonix Studio/Shutterstock.com

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Celeb Baby Shower Bonanza: Snooki, Jwoww & Chelsea Clinton and More!

Stars—they’re just like us! And that means that when there’s a baby on the way, they celebrate in a big way. Recently, Chelsea Clinton, Savannah Guthrie, Snooki, and Jwoww shared the details of their baby showers—how do they compare to your celebration?

They picked elaborate themes. Snooki’s shower featured a grand “Great Gatsby” theme, and she (and several other guests) sported fascinators and flapper-esque ensembles to fit with the party.

They invited the guys. Former President Bill Clinton and Chelsea’s husband Mark Mezvinsky both made appearances at Chelsea Clinton’s celebration.

They hired entertainment. Jwoww’s shower featured a drag queen emcee to keep the crowd entertained.

The gift opening happened elsewhere.Chelsea Clinton’s shower featured lots of celebrating, but the mom-to-be took home her bounty and opened the onesies and strollers in the privacy of her home.

They turned a “sprinkle” into a full-on fete. In the past, moms-to-be usually saved lavish showers for their first-born, with very small (or no) celebrations for future children. But perhaps Snooki’s part of a trend to celebrate every baby’s arrival. (And really, doesn’t every baby deserve a party?)

They planned a menu perfect for the mom-to-be. Chelsea Clinton’s gluten-free menu meant she could enjoy any of the goodies offered at the celebration.

They asked their guests to provide gifts for those who really need them. At Savannah Guthrie’s totally cute shower guests were asked to bring one book for her baby, and one to be donated for those who may have a harder time stocking their bookshelves. Because let’s face facts: Savannah can probably swing a pretty nice stroller.

Tell us: What made your baby shower special? If your party’s still in the planning stages, check out our Baby Shower Planner for inspiration.

Baby Shower Ideas: Spa-Themed Party for Mom Expecting Baby #2
Baby Shower Ideas: Spa-Themed Party for Mom Expecting Baby #2
Baby Shower Ideas: Spa-Themed Party for Mom Expecting Baby #2

Image: JWoww & Snooki at JWoww’s shower, by David Ragsdale/Courtesy of JWoww

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Meet Our Everything Pregnancy Blogger’s New Twins!

Alesandra Dubin and TwinsDear Everything Pregnancy readers,
Here at Parents.com, we write a lot about birth announcements (how to make them, how to word them, how to save money on them)—and now we actually get to share one!

We’re thrilled to announce that on Tuesday, July 22, our Everything Pregnancy blogger, Alesandra Dubin, who has been sharing the journey of her pregnancy with us all, gave birth to her boy-girl twins. Welcome to the world, Jordan Oscar and Maya Zoe!

Of course, now that Alice is a new mom, navigating the awesome world of parenting not just one newborn baby but two, she’ll be taking a break from writing the blog for a little while. (We’re big fans of maternity leave around here, even if it means we’ll miss out on her humor and insights.) In the meantime, our In Name Only blogger, Lisa Milbrand, will be guest-posting each day.

Please join us in congratulating Alice (and offering helpful advice!), and check out the completely adorable first family photo here:

Alesandra Dubin and Family

Pregnant? See what to expect week by week. And don’t forget to like Everything Pregnancy on Facebook to keep up with the very latest in pregnancy news and trends!

Birth Stories: Delivering Twins
Birth Stories: Delivering Twins
Birth Stories: Delivering Twins

Images: Courtesy of Alesandra Dubin

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Whoa Mama! Pregnancy Sex Confessions Revealed

Come on, admit it: Who hasn’t heard stories about how crazy (crazy-awesome, that is) pregnancy sex and libido can be… and how different from the before-baby-on-board boilerplate?

Well, we’re pulling back the bedroom blinds to expose what really goes on in the sack (and pretty much anywhere else!) while couples wait for baby: We have the results of a recent survey in which our readers dished, ahem, candidly on their pregnancy sex life.

And we can guarantee that no matter your experience with pregnancy sex—whether it was out-of-control amazing, or totally ho-hum—you’re far from alone.

Ready for a tease (er, so to speak)? Read on…

First of all, 46 percent of you saw your sex drive skyrocket. And among that group, some ‘fessed up to going buck wild in the craziest of places—like in a Target fitting room (talk about hitting a bull’s eye!), in a doughnut delivery truck (the doughnut-hole jokes write themselves)… or in an ob-gyn’s office (hey, you gotta make that waiting-room time count, right?)!

A small minority, 2 percent, even made sex tapes to document those hot moments.

From wild fantasies (you’ll never believe the awkward sit-com character that inspired one reader’s pregnant daydreams), to using sex to stimulate labor (as a whopping percentage of readers did!), you’re going to want to read the full story to get all the hot details from this no-holds-barred survey. Check it out:

Pregnancy Sex Confessions: Swinging, Threesomes, Amazing Orgasms, and More!

Pregnant? See how your belly will grow over the next weeks and months. And don’t forget to like Everything Pregnancy on Facebook to keep up with the very latest in pregnancy news and trends!

Pregnancy Sex Tips: What's Up With Your Sex Drive?
Pregnancy Sex Tips: What's Up With Your Sex Drive?
Pregnancy Sex Tips: What's Up With Your Sex Drive?

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