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A Response to the Idea of “Ugly” Crafts

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Liesl over at The Homeschooling Den recently posted about the “ugly” crafts that get made in her house and the way in which they often aren’t deemed photo-worthy and, therefore, rarely make their way to her blog. It was so nice to see photographs of  her child’s milk jug monster and puffer fish!  How refreshing!  Her post made me think about my own children’s and student’s meandering crafty ways, where so much of it is more about the process than the end result. In these moments they become captivated with exploring and experimenting with materials, and it is so nice to have a record of this kind of creativity.

This sort of discussion can serve as a reminder that the beauty of an art project is determined by the child’s experience — was it fun?  exciting? boring?  Did the child get the hang of a new craft skill?  Is he/she proud of the result?  Did she/he discover happy mistakes along the way?

In an effort to pay respect to the random, free-form, process-based art that takes place in my home and classroom, I’d like to share a few of these kinds of art moments with you:

Leah experiments with embroidery

The children make numbers out of fabric and paper scraps.

Wooden spools are painted and stacked. Random fun!

The children experiment with dot markers (bingo markers)

Do you tend to photograph these kind of art moments?

Thanks for starting the conversation, Liesl!


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