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Backyard Nature Collecting

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

In our backyard, Magnolias are blooming, Lilacs are bursting, patches of chives are thick and green, and Violets and Dandelions are polka-dotting the grass. Last weekend, my two daughters set to work harvesting some of the beauty — some for spells and magic potions and some for a gorgeous flower garden centerpiece.  Not only was their creation beautiful and a true independent creation, it was a lovely way for them to explore the different textures, colors, shapes, and smells in their backyard.

Encourage  children to pick and collect the flowers, weeds, herbs, and growth in your surroundings (teach them to skip over special, planted flowers like Tulips and Irises). Leaves from trees and sticks and twigs are great additions to a natural collection!  Ask them to share notes about their observations and to draw pictures of their bounty.

Sometimes, it is okay to pick the flowers.


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Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Inspired: Each week I offer a tip for finding inspiration in the world around us. It might be observed in my classroom or found on a walk or whispered in my ear or thrifted or discovered on a dark shelf in the basement. Something. Anything that gives me a creative spark. My hope is that these bits and pieces encourage you and the children you spend time with to search for creativity in your days. This isn’t about spending money or acquiring new things; it is an exercise in motivating us to pay close attention to the bright spots in our world.

Sometimes a late afternoon walk is just what I need to feel inspired.

White, fluffy, softness! Like snow!

During the holiday season when life feels extra busy, twenty mindful minutes outside is often the perfect way to search for new, creative ideas. Outside is outside. It can be on a sidewalk in your neighborhood, a city street, a forest trail, or at a beach or park.  When my mind drifts to work and plans, I am careful to pause and find something curious or interesting before me. I encourage my children to do the same by turning it into a game: can we leave our adventure with a list of ten intriguing things?

Pause and enjoy.

xo emily

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