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Drawing on the Walls: Wallpaper Your Kids Can Color

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

I’m pretty nuts about wallpaper—it’s no secret. I blog about it, I pin about it, I covered a wall in my kids’ bedroom in it. And nothing makes me happier than combining wallpaper with crafts! I know it seems so wrong for so many reasons to let your kids draw on the walls, but these four wallpapers actually encourage it. If you can take the plunge and trust their coloring skills, I think you’d be psyched with the results!

What’s better than monsters to color? There are no rules, so each one can (and should) be different. This design (above) by Jon Burgerman would thrill any kid (or adult).

Dress Me Wallpaper by Wee Gallery is awesome. Why? Because it’s removable! Yes, for all of you noncommittal folks out there that might be afraid of the kids + wall + markers equation, this one is for you. And your kids will love dressing up the little characters in their own version of Project Runway. Found via Daily Candy.

Pineapples are a classic symbol of welcome which is why you often see them in homes, on door knockers, etc. I love this Paint By Numbers pineapple wallpaper by Jenny Wilkinson where you can create no two pineapples alike.

Even if this paper never gets touched by a marker or crayon, it’s still adorable. It’s just a repeat pattern of different eyes looking every which way and the kids can draw the bodies around them. Genius. By Cavern Home, it’s appropriately called I See You.

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Friday Find: Mind-blowing DIY Pom-Poms

Friday, October 4th, 2013

You’re probably starting to learn that your new Everyday Fun blogger (c’est moi!) loves to craft. And sometimes, I wish there were a vocabulary word for “amazing-genius-mind-blowing craft”. A single word. Craftastic? Nah, not good enough. At least not good enough for what you’re about to see.

Today I’m sharing with you a seriously beyond beyond beyond amazing craft of which I can hardly wrap my head around. How did Mr. Printables come up with pom-pom templates/patterns for animalsletters, and flowers? I really can’t decide which one I love best, but I want to make them all.

 I also need a vocabulary word that means “craft jealous.” I wish I had thought of this!

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4 Genius Ikea Hacks for Kids

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Despite the crowded parking lot, despite the long lines, despite the “out of stock” signs, or the frustrating instructions that can have you mystified, I love Ikea. Yes, I’ll say it again…I love Ikea. I love it not only for its forward-thinking design or its low prices, but also because many of its pieces are seriously blank canvases. The customization (popularly known as Ikea Hacking) opportunities are endless. Here are 4 of my favorites for kids’ rooms and toys.

I’m seriously over-the-moon impressed with this yarn-wrapped kids’ chair by One More Mushroom. It looks like something I would spend hundreds of dollars for on Etsy, but the Latt table and chairs is only $19.99.

I’m obsessed with this dollhouse made from the Expedit bookshelf, found on Woonideeen. The mix of patterns is so stylish, and I’m sure there is an easy way to make this a 3- or 4-story house!

Dressers are a great thing to buy at Ikea. They are sturdy, they function very well, and they offer many opportunities for personalization. This adorable example by Pinja Colada is made with circular stickers on the very simple Malm dresser.

My jaw literally dropped when I saw this incredible hack. This push bike was made from 2 Frosta stools. You can find the directions at Instructables.

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Unique Leaf Crafts for Kids

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Every fall, I’m always a little late on the leaf crafts. There is such a small window where I live of when the leaves are a true rainbow array of colors, and there are so many lovely things to do with orange, yellow, green, and even brown leaves. Here are a few of my favorites from FamilyFun.

The lovely leaves above were pressed in a heavy book for about ten days (you can see how I miss the boat every year, right?) and then decorated with a metallic paint pen. How lovely would these be hanging in a float frame?(FYI, a float frame is a glass-to-glass frame that’s great for projects like this.)

Flower crowns are lovely in the spring, but don’t ignore the leaves for you little woodsy prince or princess! The leaves stay in their raffia crown without glue, so when some go bad, it’s easy to swap them out.

Test your child’s scavenger skills by challenging him to create a rainbow of leaves (blue might be pushing it). Line them up on a log or even outside on the front stoop. Lay rocks on top to prevent them from blowing away. (Idea from Lisa Jordan of

 Now do you feel the urgency to get out and find those lovely leaves of orange and gold? I certainly do!


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FamilyFun Feature: Storytelling Crafts

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Hello lovely readers,

The September issue of FamilyFun is very special to me because my book, Show Me a Story, is featured, along with my sweet pies and my pregnant self!  I am so honored to have the chance to share some of my projects with FF readers, and thrilled that it is during the back-to-school storytelling season.

The pages feature some inspiring projects for encouraging storytelling, some more shots of my kiddos, and extra details about my book.

In the above photo, my girls and I are playing with Story Stones, one of my favorite projects from Show Me a Story.





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