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Make it :: A Spring Nest

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

One of my most precious treasures is my collection of actual birds’ nests .  Of course, I only collect if I find one on the ground, discarded and clearly not in use.  This happens so rarely, since they are often reused again and again, which is why I treasure the ones that I have. The way the bird weaves and shapes with the promise of safety and coziness is breathtaking.

One day, a few springs ago, I decided to make a spring nest — just like a mama bird.  I shaped the eggs out of clay, painted them blue, and wove a snug little nest for them to rest in.

Each spring since, I set the nest in my dining room as a way to welcome the promise of new life. More photographs and directions can be found here, at my other blog.

Happy spring cleaning and nesting!

xo emily


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5 Bright Spots :: Passover and Easter

Friday, March 29th, 2013

1. In Sweden they have the Easter Rooster instead of the Easter Bunny. Hooray! Gina offers a tutorial for the Clucking Easter Rooster on her blog Willowday.  (She also shows you how to turn the rooster shape into a bunny.)

2.This Felt Seder Plate is a fun and engaging way for children to become familiar with the Passover table.

3. Make beautiful, personalized Watercolor Letter Eggs for each member of your family.

4. Mmmm.  Matzo Lasagna!

5. These Origami Bunny Boxes are just right for a handful of jellybeans.

Happy Friday!

xo emily


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