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String-Art Halloween Wreath

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

I am totally of the belief that every holiday deserves a wreath. I didn’t grow up with a seasonal front porch that changed at the beginning of each month, so maybe that’s why I so want to be that house now! (Too bad the only people that see my apartment door are my neighbors, visitors, and the UPS man!)

Since Halloween is all about the door, it is a holiday that is screaming, howling, and shrieking for a creative wreath! I know you may look at this and think you need some mad needlework skillz, but I promise you, you don’t! It’s so easy and so much fun to make. Your kids will love helping you with this one too! And seriously, with only 2 days left before the big day, you still have time to have the cutest door on the block!

For instructions, visit my blog Project Kid for the step-by-step!

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Drawing on the Walls: Wallpaper Your Kids Can Color

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

I’m pretty nuts about wallpaper—it’s no secret. I blog about it, I pin about it, I covered a wall in my kids’ bedroom in it. And nothing makes me happier than combining wallpaper with crafts! I know it seems so wrong for so many reasons to let your kids draw on the walls, but these four wallpapers actually encourage it. If you can take the plunge and trust their coloring skills, I think you’d be psyched with the results!

What’s better than monsters to color? There are no rules, so each one can (and should) be different. This design (above) by Jon Burgerman would thrill any kid (or adult).

Dress Me Wallpaper by Wee Gallery is awesome. Why? Because it’s removable! Yes, for all of you noncommittal folks out there that might be afraid of the kids + wall + markers equation, this one is for you. And your kids will love dressing up the little characters in their own version of Project Runway. Found via Daily Candy.

Pineapples are a classic symbol of welcome which is why you often see them in homes, on door knockers, etc. I love this Paint By Numbers pineapple wallpaper by Jenny Wilkinson where you can create no two pineapples alike.

Even if this paper never gets touched by a marker or crayon, it’s still adorable. It’s just a repeat pattern of different eyes looking every which way and the kids can draw the bodies around them. Genius. By Cavern Home, it’s appropriately called I See You.

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