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Decorate Your Front Door for Halloween!

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

You may think that your costume is the most important part of Halloween, but I’m gonna through you for a loop. It’s not. Really, it’s your front door that matters most. How you spookify your front door has everything to do with how much attention your house will get come October 31st. And who doesn’t want to be the most ghoulish house on the block?

This wreath (appropriately named All Eyes on You) is made from pingpong balls, spray-painted with glow-in-the-dark paint, and then topped off with a googly eye. Amazing! And so simple! Found via Buzzfeed (directions at

With a few simple materials, this monster door  that was featured in the October issue of Parents magazine is almost too cute to spook! (Full disclosure: I had the pleasure of crafting this door for the magazine!)

Leave it to a creative school teacher to come up with this adorable mummy door! Maybe use toilet paper and do the bathroom door too? Just a thought! Found via My Classroom Ideas.

 I bow down to the family of crafters that put this door decor together! Wow! I count 40 carved Funkins surrounding this door! Found via Pinterest.

You’ve got 3 weeks! Get outside and make your front door spook-tacular!

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6 Clever Owl Pumpkin Crafts

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Two of my favorite things…owls and pumpkins! As far as I’m concerned, there is no end to how far you can take this adorable, fall combo. For directions and more details, check out the links below!

  1. If you don’t have the patience to DIY an owl pumpkin from scratch, you can just buy this metal owl pumpkin decoration!
  2. Alisa Burke proves she’s a true artist with these gorgeous painted owl pumpkins!
  3. This tall, proud owl pumpkin is made with some paper cut-outs.
  4. I love how the little pumpkin is narrating the pumpkin owl’s voice! Found on
  5. If you don’t want to transform your pumpkin into an owl, just cover it with owl paper like this one from Chippy Shabby.
  6. Toss an owl mask on a pumpkin and voila! You are done in ten seconds! (Although, this lovely owl mask was hand-sewn.)
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4 Woodland Mushroom Crafts

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Clearly nature crafts are on my mind with the start of fall this week. And seriously, I never met a red mushroom craft that I didn’t like. (If you look at photos of my son’s nursery that appeared Parents magazine a few years ago, you’ll see that not much has changed.) These four take clever crafting to a new level!

  1. A new definition of a toad stool, this mushroom stool cushion is beyond! It’s only $25 at the Smith and Scott Etsy store or you could make your own pretty easily with red and white felt.
  2. How adorable and easy are these mushroom-painted jar lids by Rosige Zeit? Such a cute container to hold craft supplies.
  3. These sweet mushrooms from Beneath the Rowan Tree are made by painting inexpensive drawer pulls!
  4. You can make your own mushrooms from nature by painting acorn caps and sticks. Found on KoKoKo Kids.
 And then, after you are done crafting, you may want to sink your teeth into some awesome mushroom-inspired cupcakes!


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FamilyFun Magazine’s Sew Fun Projects

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

I was so happy to see the wonderful Sew Fun Projects feature in this month’s FamilyFun magazine! My friend Nicole Blum‘s beginner’s projects are delightful — simple and super fun to make and appealing to both  kids and adults!  Those t-shirt dresses make lovely play dresses for kids, but wouldn’t it also be perfect as a stylish tunic for an adult?

Oh, and my two daughters also happen to have participated in the shoot!  So, ahem, that is pretty darn fun too!  They are dressed in green (left and center) and had a blast romping and crafting with the group.  My little one (posed in front) was especially happy to be part of it all.  Her smile tells the story of a fun-filled day, yes?

The key chain project  from the feature is one of my older daughter’s favorites;  she is planning to make one for her back-to-school back pack.   Did I just whisper the words “back-to-school”?  Shhhhhhh.  Please continue on with your summertime fun.


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5 Bright Spots: Toy Boat Crafts for Kids

Friday, August 2nd, 2013


In celebration of moving into the second full month of summer, I’ve collected some lovely boat crafts for you to make and play with. Build them and set them free on your favorite creek, pond, stream, or puddle. Surely, the boats will lead your kids on wild, summer adventures! And, while you’re sailing the high seas with an imaginary crew,  consider reading The Wind in The Willows together.  The pages are filled with woodland critters on boats, which is part of why it is one of my favorite story books!

1. This Twig Boat (pictured above)  is magical and fun!

2. A Cork Boat! Brilliant!

3. Nutshell Sailboats.  Ariana makes her sweet boats with hickory nuts.  I’ve seen them made with walnut shells as well.

4. These Milkweek Pod Boats that my daughter made in the spring!

5. Traditional Origami Boats  with a how-to video in the post!

Ahoy, captain!


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