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Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Here in Massachusetts, we are deep into our cold New England winter.  Except for today’s predicted high of 55 degrees(!), our outside world has been frozen and icy.

No matter where you are in the country or the world, join me today as I find inspiration in photographs from the opposite season.  Ask your children to help search for photographs from 6 or 7 months ago and use the images to inspire creativity.  Draw, paint, or collage.  Write a poem or a list.  Describe an imaginary adventure in that other season.

I’m remembering flowers, green grass, balmy nights, swaying branches, warm sun on my shoulders, naps on picnic tables.

What do you remember?

xo emily

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A Family Art Box for the New Year

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Happy New Year, lovely friends!  I hope that your 2013 will be joyful and sparkly.

Are you entering 2013 with lots of brand new art and craft supplies?  I suggest starting off the new year with a tidy, creative, portable art box with a variety of tools and supplies. This convenient collection will encourage children to write notes, draw, label, doodle, and experiment with colors and shapes.

This is the craft box that lives on our kitchen table.   I tend to clean it out every few months to keep it fresh in hopes that the children feel they can count on finding what they need for their everyday creative pursuits.   Sometimes I find it in another part of the house (in front of the wood stove is a favorite spot!) and we do move it when we have dinner guests, but most often it is reliably right there next to our stack of cloth napkins. I often use it to write grocery lists and our two little ones write us love notes and draw pictures for friends.

The key to an inspiring craft box is stocking it with a variety of satisfying, multipurpose materials.  The following is a suggested list, which you should absolutely tweak based on your family’s interests.

1. nice quality colored pencils (these will last a long time)

2. colorful art markers

3. 2 thin, black art markers for writing

4. pencils

5. watercolor pencils

6. gel pens (neon and sparkle!)

7. compact scissors

8. glue stick

9. small notebooks

10. blank tags & tickets

11. mini stamp pad with mini stamps

**I purchased the box at Magic Cabin

This sort of thing would also make a creative birthday gift!

Have fun!

xo emily


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5 Bright Spots

Friday, December 14th, 2012

1. Abby Glassenberg’s adorable mice softies make me smile! She posted this sweet design on her blog few years ago where she offers a free pattern for all to enjoy. Awesome, right?

2. Shirley Link is a new girl detective series that my daughter is crazy about. This is an amazing series, my friends! Your kids will be hooked and you’ll feel realllllly good about it. Visit author Ben Zackheim’s blog for more details and information.

3. Oooooh! A Book Page Star Garland! I have a thing for crafts made from dilapidated books.

4. This lovely wreath ornament uses left-over bits of yarn and fiber. Easy and beautiful! via craftycrow

5. LOVE these prints. (love, love, love)

xo e

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5 Bright Spots

Friday, December 7th, 2012

1. Lovely Jessica at Zakka Life posted this incredibly cute Packing Peanut Igloo craft last week, and I was instantly wild about it. The peanuts are fabulously re-purposed into an igloo that that lends itself to storytelling and play. We played with Insta-Snow at my daughter’s fifth birthday, and this adorable project would have fit in perfectly.

2. Homemade gift idea: herbal infused honey! Kristin of Banyan Moon Botanicals is a dear friend of mine and I trust all of her delicious and good-for-you creations.

3. Easy, Tiny Envelopes. LOVE!

4. Um, these homemade nesting dolls couldn’t be any cuter. And, they look so fun, satisfying, and simple to make.

5. These scenic stamp sets from Yellow Owl Workshop make so happy. Don’t you think these would make wonderful holiday gifts for kids who love to write letters? Add some blank cards and a nice pen and it would make a beautiful set!

What has made you smile this week?




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