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Neon Valentine Crafts

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Two things I love…Valentine crafts and neon colors! It’s time to start thinking about the assembly-line production of class Valentines, so here are 3 cute neon ideas to get you started! (I promise I will whole-craftily obsess over February 14th for the next 4 weeks, so there’s lots more to come!)

 I love how these little origami hearts look like they have wings! The solid neon paper really makes the heart shape pop. Find the how-to here. Found via LMNOP.





Let your kids decorate white card stock with wild abandon using neon dot stickers and washi tape. After it’s covered, cut hearts out and write the message on the back to finish the cards. Found via Blank Goods.





You’d be hard-pressed to find a kid who didn’t LOVE glow necklaces and bracelets. Download this adorable Valentine from Delia Creates. Or, check out Craftiness is not Optional for a slightly different version!





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Happy New Year…Kid Style!

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

I hope you had a nice Christmas holiday…we (er, I) took a little break from blogging to spend some QT with my husband and kids, but with another holiday upon us (New Year’s is tonight!), I can’t abandon my obsession with celebrating with crafts!

New Year’s Eve seems like the one holiday that kids get the short end of the sparkler. It happens past their bedtime, it involves bubbly (and I’m not talking about the bath kind),  and let’s face it, we adults allow ourselves to let loose a bit on the eve of the new year. We can’t let our kids see us acting out like that! But, there are some little things you can do with them before the clock strikes 8:30 (or whatever their bedtime is) to bring them into the fun a bit.

I love party blowers, but I have never seen them for sale in patterns or colors that I like. So I tried my hand at making my own, and really, they are so fun to make and so easy! I’ll admit, I followed the DIY instructions from Julep, and I couldn’t think of any way to perfect them. I did use patterned paper straws and added silver tape where the paper meets the straw. And the paper I used was origami paper, not wrapping.









These 3 genius ideas are all from Sweet Little Peanut.



Dipping the rim of a shot glass full of milk in sprinkles makes me insanely happy.











And I’m crazy about the decoupaged soda bottle noisemaker.









Who wouldn’t love sprinkle and white chocolate covered oreo pops?





And just for a little awww-candy, I had to add this pic of my little Sommer. I always see people serving kids plastic champagne flutes, but honestly, my kids (ages 3 and almost 2) would spill those in 3 seconds. So I gave my daughter’s OXO sippy cup a little makeover with some tinsel tied to the handles and a dated paper band around the center. Easy, cute, and special for a little tike.

Best wishes to you for the year ahead! Blogging will resume it’s regularly scheduled program!

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Last Minute Christmas Crafts

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

The kids are home from school and you either need…

  1. Something to entertain them or
  2. A way to put them to work wrapping or making those last minute gifts!

Here are a few crafts you can do at the 25th hour while having a bit of fun! I featured all of these original crafts on my blog, Project Kid in a 10-craft, 10-day Countdown to Christmas. Visit Project Kid for even more ideas for ways to spend the day crafting tomorrow!

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Craft Your Own Elf on a Shelf

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

…or mantle, windowsill, dresser, side table. Really, there are no rules as to where this little elf can go! You can also thread some string through his felt hat and hang him on the tree. A versatile little elf, he is!

Mr. S. H. Elf is part of the crafty Countdown to Christmas I’m doing on my blog, Pop on over (Get it? Pop? Champagne cork?) for the instructions for this and to check the other last minute crafts I’m making to help pass the time before December 25th!

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Creative Clear Glass Ornament Crafts

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

A clear glass ornament is like a blank canvas—the decoration possibilities are endless! And even better than a flat canvas, you can embellish both the inside and the outside of a clear glass Christmas ball. Here are 4 of my absolute faves!


You can either pour some paint inside the ornaments and swirl it around, or dip the bottoms in your favorite colors. Visit Hi Sugar Plum for more details.





Crafter extraordinaire Sania Pell used both the inside and outside of the clear glass ornament to make these super-modern and cool Christmas ornaments.





Do you have some extra yarn pom-poms lying around? Blair from Wisecraft had the genius idea of putting them inside the clear glass ball! I’d love to decorate a whole tabletop tree in these!





The melted snowman ornament never ceases to crack me up! This one from Free-n-Fun Christmas is made with epsom salts, but table salt, fake snow, white glitter or sugar would work too!

Keep your little ones entertained with these holiday printables.

Stamped Snowman Card
Stamped Snowman Card
Stamped Snowman Card

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