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Cooking and Crafting with Kids Made Easy!

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

My son is obsessed with cooking. Whether it’s dropping a piece of bread in the toaster, dumping the noodles into the hot water, or making cookies from scratch, he drags his chair over to the kitchen counter so he can lend a helping hand. (I only wish that his enthusiasm for cooking matched his enthusiasm for eating, but that’s another story.) He’s always saying, “Mommy we need to read the constructions,” (meaning instructions or recipe, of course), and I’ve always craved a more visual guide that would allow him to follow along and even tell ME what to do next!

Well, enter Raddish…a new subscription services that delivers an awesome box of cooking (and crafting) goodies to your doorstep each month. Here’s what you get:

  • 3 family friendly recipe guides (They are slick and wipeable…no more spills on the iPad or bleeding ink on a computer print-out! The illustrations are adorable and easy to follow.)
  • 2 creative family activities (They give you everything you need for the crafts!)
  • A grocery list (thank goodness…someone to do it for you!)
  • A skill card that teaches kids (and parents) culinary techniques
  • An adorable Raddish patch to be ironed on to the Raddish apron
  • Table talk cards to ensure fun dinner table conversation

Here’s the thing: children who explore in the kitchen are much more likely to become adventurous eaters (yes, please). Tasks as simple as washing and peeling veggies can empower kids and get them excited to eat wholesome foods. Plus, countless studies prove that families who eat meals together raise healthier, safer, and more successful children. No brainer, right?

Raddish is designed by teachers who believe the kitchen classroom is the tastiest place to learn. Each box incorporates math, science, nutrition, geography, culture, and history. Raddish provides culinary instruction that cultivates a diverse palate, increases self-confidence, and helps build a solid foundation for a healthy future.

(That’s my little Oliver, wearing his Raddish apron proudly, rollin’ out his pizza dough!)

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The Mayhem Over Mayhem: 4-Year-Old Models Homemade Paper Dresses

Friday, February 28th, 2014

It’s a rare thing when craftiness hits the main-stream media, but this week, Fashion by Mayhem has hit it big time (if Kathie Lee and Hoda are talking about it on the Today Show, then it’s NEWS). Here, fashion refers to homemade paper dresses and Mayhem refers to the 4-year-old cutie making and modeling them on her mom’s Instagram feed

In an interview in the Huff Post, mom Angie says that the ideas are 50/50 and Mayhem (not her real name) has learned over time how many sheets of paper are needed for a top, a bottom, a long dress, a short dress. When asked if there is a dress that Mayhem created on her own, Angie pointed to the green, yellow, and blue number below. Totally believable in it’s ripped construction and pencil-like shape. The yellow crown headpiece is like the icing on the cake for me!

Not only do Angie and Mayhem create original designs, they also recreate red-carpet gowns from award shows like these two below.

I’m certainly no fashion critic, but here’s my craft/mom take. I’m obsessed with the abstract dresses—I even like the ones inspired by Minnie Mouse and a shark that was based on a trip the aquarium. They are inventive, original, collaborative, and just generally amazing. I completely believe that a child of this age can become so focused on an on-going project like this, and can only hope and pray that at least one of mine will do me this honor. 

When it comes to the celeb copies, personally, I’m not so interested. I don’t want to get into the whole childhood-is-so-short-don’t-let-our-daughters-grow-up-too-fast argument, but I’m just way more interested in how Mayhem’s personality changes with her own creations over the parroted poses of the celebs she’s copy-catting. She’s obviously a precocious 4-year-old, one who feels a black stocking cap and harmonica are necessary accessories for a dress made of wrapping paper, and it’s fun to imagine how each dress and pose came to be. As a mom who saves everything from a Pringles can (no I swear I don’t eat Pringles…someone left them here. Really.) to every paper towel tube, I am inspired to see a mom and daughter using what they have around the house and spending time together creatively.

Sure, maybe Mayhem will one day be the next Diane Von Furstenberg. Or Tavi Gevinson (a high school senior fashion critic and founder of Rookie Mag) Or maybe she’ll be the next Frank Gerhy. She’s definitely got some mad construction skills!

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Best Rainbow Loom Projects Ever!

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

I’ve definitely borne witness to many wearable craft trends over the years—from the original friendship bracelets to Silly Bandz and now Rainbow Loom. To not know what a Rainbow Loom is, you must be living under a snow drift. I’ve never seen such a craze sweep the nation of minis like these woven/crocheted/knitted rubber-band bracelets have. And they aren’t just for bracelet making…Loomers are making all sorts of nifty trinkets from charms to hair bows. Here are my top 10.

Rainbow Loom pencil sleeves? Sure, why not? Watch the video!

I think a Rainbow Loom phone case is actually a very good idea! Quite bouncy and protective! Found via Pinterest.

Love how chic and simple this Rainbow Loom hair bow looks! You can buy it from BC’s Bracelets on Etsy or learn to make it here.

I simply can’t get over the Rainbow Loom animals! Who has the brain to invent the how-to for these? This dog, bunny, cat, and penguin are my faves.

And naturally, every doll needs it’s own Rainbow Loom purse!

Let’s not forget people…my niece Hannah is obsessed with her Rainbow Loom gymnast! Here’s a good tutorial.

And not for the beginner, I love how this Rainbow Loom gumball machine has beads woven in!

And there are also all sorts of organizers for your rubber bands and looms like this over-the-seat car pocket or this Rainbow Loom storage case so you can keep everything need and tidy (says the crafty mom who could use some organization herself).

The craze is only growing…so get a Rainbow Loom and start looming!

{First photo via}

Use our fun craft finder to discover projects that nurture their imaginations while keeping them entertained.

How to Make a Bird-Feeder Craft
How to Make a Bird-Feeder Craft
How to Make a Bird-Feeder Craft

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The Art of the Valentine’s Day Cookie

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Some baker somewhere in the world decided one day that Valentine’s Day would be the holiday of the decorated cookie. And I’m not talking about a smear of icing with some sprinkles. No, no. I’m talking about full-on edible artwork. Artwork so good, it’s almost a shame to eat it. This post could have gone on forever, but these 4 stood out as being particularly spectacular!
 I love the retro style of these cookies by Hayley Cakes and Cookies. I’m amazed at how perfectly they piped on those words and the mix of patterns is so fun.






Seriously? I’m supposed to eat this cute little Valentine’s cookie? Have fun browsing Cookie Connections for tons of other amazing creations.







Literally, I think I would shellac and frame this heart cookie by Sugar Rush Custom Cookies if it were handed to me on a napkin. Or I’d try to turn it into a needlepointed pillow.







Wham! These pop art Valentine’s cookies by SemiSweet Designs look like they might jump off the plate right into my mouth. Sound effects and all!

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Groundhog Day Fun!

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Please, Punxsutawney Phil, please give us a break! I think we are all willing to pay you oodles of dollars to NOT see your shadow this year! We are done with winter! Send your warm energy in the groundhog’s direction with these fun groundhog day eats, treats, and activities!

Your kids will get a kick out of this animated groundhog cookie from My kids are too young to understand Groundhog Day so I might make these just for me! does it again with these hilarious groundhog hot dogs. Or should I call them hog dogs?

This cute little paper groundhog pops up out of the toilet paper tube, looking for his shadow. Find the how-to here.

This fact sheet is a few years old. Let’s not insult Phil…he has over 36,000 likes on Facebook!


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