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The Art of the Valentine’s Day Cookie

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Some baker somewhere in the world decided one day that Valentine’s Day would be the holiday of the decorated cookie. And I’m not talking about a smear of icing with some sprinkles. No, no. I’m talking about full-on edible artwork. Artwork so good, it’s almost a shame to eat it. This post could have gone on forever, but these 4 stood out as being particularly spectacular!
 I love the retro style of these cookies by Hayley Cakes and Cookies. I’m amazed at how perfectly they piped on those words and the mix of patterns is so fun.






Seriously? I’m supposed to eat this cute little Valentine’s cookie? Have fun browsing Cookie Connections for tons of other amazing creations.







Literally, I think I would shellac and frame this heart cookie by Sugar Rush Custom Cookies if it were handed to me on a napkin. Or I’d try to turn it into a needlepointed pillow.







Wham! These pop art Valentine’s cookies by SemiSweet Designs look like they might jump off the plate right into my mouth. Sound effects and all!

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Veggie Smackdown! Spinach vs. Kale

Friday, February 7th, 2014

I have tried it ALL. Bribery. Threats. Withholding of dessert. I’ve even changed the name of green peas to energy pellets. No go. None of it. Nothing works! What I wouldn’t do for my 3+ and almost 2-year-old to eat something green. My son even picks the basil flecks off of his cheese pizza. Where did I go wrong?

I read this info-graphic from the March issue of FamilyFun with a longing stare…with the hopes and dreams that one day my children will get excited about spanakopita or kale chips. I may have to resort to the spinach-in-the-brownie trick. Or maybe I just need to convince them that Transformers and Hello Kitty can’t get enough of the stuff!

ps…beets and spinach are related? Who knew?

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Groundhog Day Fun!

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Please, Punxsutawney Phil, please give us a break! I think we are all willing to pay you oodles of dollars to NOT see your shadow this year! We are done with winter! Send your warm energy in the groundhog’s direction with these fun groundhog day eats, treats, and activities!

Your kids will get a kick out of this animated groundhog cookie from My kids are too young to understand Groundhog Day so I might make these just for me! does it again with these hilarious groundhog hot dogs. Or should I call them hog dogs?

This cute little paper groundhog pops up out of the toilet paper tube, looking for his shadow. Find the how-to here.

This fact sheet is a few years old. Let’s not insult Phil…he has over 36,000 likes on Facebook!


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Get Ready for the Super Bowl!

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

I will not at all pretend to be a sports fan. But if sports give me the chance to entertain and craft, then Bring. It. On. We are hosting a little Super Bowl party with kids and here’s the game plan (so to speak).

Drinks are plentiful at Super Bowl parties, so you need coasters. I love these football coasters from Snap Creativity because you can use them next year!

Last year I used masking tape to adhere brown paper to my table, and then I used number stencils to create the yard markers. Useful, cute, and best of all, quick!

I’m pretty obsessed with these adorable popcorn jar wrappers from Kara’s Party Ideas. You can use them to wrap water bottles too!

What’s the easiest craft decoration in the book? Yes, a paper chain. This one is made from brown paper to look like footballs. Genius.

You may have popcorn covered, but pretzels? Chex mix? French fries? I don’t care what I’ll put in them, but these adorable paper Super Bowl cones are a must!

 Admit, you want to come to my party, don’t you?

How to Make the Most of Playtime
How to Make the Most of Playtime
How to Make the Most of Playtime

Want more fun ideas to help you celebrate the holidays? (Super Bowl Sunday definitely counts!) Sign up now for our 100 Days of Holidays newsletter.

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Awesome Dad Alert: Illustrated Lunch Bags

Friday, January 10th, 2014

As if a parent needs anything more to make her/him feel like an under-achiever, graphic designer David LaFerriere comes along with his sandwich bag illustrations. Since 2008, he has drawn on his kids’ lunch bags (there are over 1.100 in total!) and you can browse them all here.

Personally, I’m just proud that I remember to pack my kid’s lunch, much less illustrate it, photograph it, and archive it!

Found via my husband via This is Colossal.

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