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Craft Your Own Elf on a Shelf

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

…or mantle, windowsill, dresser, side table. Really, there are no rules as to where this little elf can go! You can also thread some string through his felt hat and hang him on the tree. A versatile little elf, he is!

Mr. S. H. Elf is part of the crafty Countdown to Christmas I’m doing on my blog, Pop on over (Get it? Pop? Champagne cork?) for the instructions for this and to check the other last minute crafts I’m making to help pass the time before December 25th!

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Good Gift Alert: Family Portrait Mobile

Monday, December 9th, 2013


I love mobiles, I love creative family portraits, and I love handmade genius, so there is no reason in the world why I wouldn’t love these family portrait mobiles and wall hangings by Pink Cheeks Studio on Etsy. You send the artist photos of your peeps, a color scheme, and any other useful info, and she will create these adorable little characters for you to hang in a nursery, your kitchen, your foyer…wherever!


The bad news/fine print is that there is a 10 week turnaround, so if you want one for the holidays you’ll have to gift an IOU, but I truly think these are worth the wait.



PS…Head over to Pinterest this week to see favorite gift picks (both store-bought and homemade) from Melanie Blodgett of You Are My Fave, Lydia Beiler of The Thrifty Frugal Mom, and yours truly! Pin your favorite kid gift ideas and label with #ParentsGifts and you might get repinned!

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DIY Christmas Tree Garlands

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Honestly, I never met a garland I didn’t like. Some might say I’m obsessed with garlands, and I’m totally okay with that. So you can imagine that this time of year, with cuteness swagging all over the place, I’m really in my element. I seriously am of the belief that with a little paint, glitter, paper, or ribbon, any object can become a cute garland. Here are 3 that prove that very point!



Wedding blogs are one of the best sources for cool garlands these days. I’m in love with the colors of this gemstone-like garland from Ruffled. And you can even reuse this garland come Valentine’s Day! And Easter too while you’re at it!





Stars are not the most original symbol when it comes to Christmas garlands, but this color palate really shakes up the traditional red and green. And guess what? It’s made with free paint chip samples from the hardware store. This is so easy to make with a star paper punch and the kids can really get into it! They can even punch stars as they are re-watching A Charlie Brown Christmas (one of my all time faves). How-to found here.




Here is a classic pasta craft that really feels festive and celebratory! Cover bowties with gold glitter, let dry, then tie a string around the centers to hang. If there’s anytime to allow glitter into your home, it’s Christmas! You can also see a red on at The Gold Jellybean.

Minty Mouse
Minty Mouse
Minty Mouse

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Thanksgivingukkah: Drumsticks and Dreidels!

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Drumsticks and dreidels. Gobble, gobble up the gold gelt. Mashed sweet potatoes and menorahs. Ok, ok…I’ll stop! But seriously, Thanksgivingukkah is a once in a lifetime event—literally, as it won’t happen again for another 70,000 years. I can’t even begin to count how many generations away that would be. Here are some unforgettable ways to celebrate this mash-up of two of the best holidays.

It’s too late now to order it, but how funny is this Turkey Menorah? Or Menurkey? Definitely get these fall-colored candles to really take the theme home! Both available at The Jewish Museum Shop.

If you want to make your own, you could use the structure of this crayon turkey and use candles instead! From

Every rare event needs a T-shirt to commemorate it. This one, Light, Liberty, and Latkes, is for sale at Modern Tribe.

Check out this sandwich, called the Thanksgivukkah Double Down. It’s a classic leftover turkey sandwich on turkey schmaltz-fried sweet potato latkes. Also on the sandwich: cranberry applesauce and shaved brussels sprouts, dressed in warm schmaltz-cider vinegar dressing. With a side of gravy, for dunking. Um, yes, please. Recipe at Food 52.

But tonight, the first night, is still all about the blue and white and applesauce (sans cranberry) on latkes. Enjoy the first of eight great nights of Hanukkah!

{Image via Pinterest.}


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Decorating with Pinecone Crafts

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Mother Nature is very generous with her craft supplies and one of her most popular (and plentiful) items is pinecones! They are everywhere come fall and are a great base to create some really fun projects! I find that people use pinecones most commonly in three ways: painted for display, as the body base for animals, or to hang on the wall to celebrate fall. Here are some awesome crafts that fit those three categories.

Painted Pinecones:

  1. Bold and beautiful, high-gloss pinecones by Love From Ginger.
  2. Torie Jayne painted these pinecones in a very surprising, spring palate.
  3. Whimzeecal painted just the tips in an ombre effect.
  4. Hang seasonal decor from a painted branch with pinecones. By. Karen Marie Dehn.

Animal Pinecone Crafts:

  1. Whimsy Love makes a darling little owl pinecone craft using felt and googly eyes.
  2. These birds, formerly for sale at World Market, are a great use of pinecones. Just add some styrofoam balls and glittered craft foam shapes to complete the feathered friend.
  3. Kiddley added polymer clay appendages to a pinecone to make this adorable hedgehog.
  4. Is it a bull? A cow? Not sure, but I love the mix of cork and pinecone in this sweet little animal.

Pinecone Garlands:

  1. Who would have thought that the hard/soft combo of pinecones and pom-poms would be a good match? Seekimothy on Etsy did.
  2. Gold + pinecones: you can’t go wrong! This garland is for sale at West Elm.

Inspired? I thought so! Now go outside and find some pinecones!

Christmas Crafts: Ice-Pop Stick Sled Ornaments
Christmas Crafts: Ice-Pop Stick Sled Ornaments
Christmas Crafts: Ice-Pop Stick Sled Ornaments


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