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5 Bright Spots :: Earth Friendly!

Friday, April 26th, 2013

1. Jessica at scrumdilly-do posted a simple, creative, fun paint chip plant markers tutorial.  Not only does this reuse materials, but it also encourages children to plant some seeds!

2. These egg carton boats are adorable!  via crafty crow

3. I’m kind of obsessed with the thought of making these superhero hand cuffs for my daughters.  Made using toilet paper tubes, they are simply magnificent!

4. Mmmmmm. Chocolate Flowerpot Cakes! What a sweet way to celebrate the earth and its flowers!

5. Amy offers some artistic inspiration for making homemade wrapping paper out of painted newspaper.  Pretty!

Happy weekend!

xo emily


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This Friday in Massachusetts

Friday, April 19th, 2013

In a few hours the sun will set on a frightening, confusing, sorrowful day(s)  in Boston.  As a Massachusetts resident, I can’t help but check the news repeatedly with hopes that I’ll hear settling news.  In the meantime, I find myself meditating on hope and bravery while sending little email notes and check-ins to those I love.   In lieu of my usual Friday 5 Bright Spots feature, I plan to spend time thinking about the ways in which goodness, heroism, kindness, and love is shining through these dark moments in the beautiful, vibrant city of Boston.  I ask you to do the same.

I took the photo above in November while I was visiting Boston during my book tour.  It was a quiet moment of gratitude for all the promise Boston has to offer.

Thanks, friends.  I can’t wait to share more Bright Spots with you next week.

xoxo emily

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5 Bright Spots

Friday, April 12th, 2013

1. Visit Heather at a happy wanderer for simple and interesting ways to explore with marbles.  It struck me as a nice rainy day activity.

2. These cork key chain people are incredibly adorable! Wouldn’t they make great Mother’s Day gifts! via The Crafty Crow

3.  These naturally dyed beads use a similar process as naturally dyed Easter eggs.  The result is subtle and beautiful, and you can use them again and again for weeks and months to come.

4. Ohhh! Walnut Mice!  I have a thing for using nutshells to make things, and these are too cute.

5. Now that it is spring, it is a lovely time to make a fleet of origami boats. After you launch them in a big puddle or small pond, you can have boat races.  Just stay long enough to catch them on the other side.

Happy Friday!

xo emily




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5 Bright Spots :: Passover and Easter

Friday, March 29th, 2013

1. In Sweden they have the Easter Rooster instead of the Easter Bunny. Hooray! Gina offers a tutorial for the Clucking Easter Rooster on her blog Willowday.  (She also shows you how to turn the rooster shape into a bunny.)

2.This Felt Seder Plate is a fun and engaging way for children to become familiar with the Passover table.

3. Make beautiful, personalized Watercolor Letter Eggs for each member of your family.

4. Mmmm.  Matzo Lasagna!

5. These Origami Bunny Boxes are just right for a handful of jellybeans.

Happy Friday!

xo emily


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5 Bright Spots :: Bunnies!

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

1. Oh my! Mer Mag‘s Bunny Pouch is an adorable way to deliver candy and treats.

2. Jessica posted about a clever and pretty Origami Bunny Envelope tutorial that she discovered and tested.

3. Brown paper bag Bunny Masks for hours of fun and merriment.

4. Do you have extra paint chip samples kicking around?  This Paint Chip Bunny Garland is cute way to use ‘em up!

5. With a little help from an adult, children can send spring love notes with these Pop-Up Bunny Cards. Charming!

Hippity hop.

xo e

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