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Playing with Food at Lunch

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

This is a post from Holly Homer of Kids Activities Blog provided by our sponsor Del Monte. This content was commissioned by our brand partner.  Such content is not written by, and does not necessarily reflect the views of

I have to admit that lunchtime has gotten boring. When the time to eat rolls around, the kids and I just open the fridge and hope a meal falls out.

To date, that hasn’t occurred.

And then the other day, I had a moment of motherhood brilliance. We added an activity that was a lunch sidedish…or was it a lunch sidedish that was an activity?

Del Monte Fruit Bursts

Inspired by the many flavor combinations of the Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers and the convenient pouch, we used them to create fruit & veggie puree pictures!

I started by giving each kid a clear plate.

DIY Lunch Monster Plates

Under the plate, the kids positioned a simple coloring page. We used these free monster coloring pages, but any coloring page with simple, large graphics will work.

Then a variety of Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers were used as paint. Our research showed that the Simply Fruit Strawberry, Simply Fruit Apple-Cinnamon, and Fruit + Veggie Peach-Mango had the most diversity of color.

DIY Lunch Monster Plates

Each creation used approximately 1 1/2 Squeezers – the kids shared the “colors” using the pouches as pre-filled paint brushes.

My kids continued coloring until their artistic vision was complete.

DIY Lunch Coloring Plate

We loved how the final art creations turned out.

But the most fun came at the end with art destruction! Each of us had a custom-flavored creation that was rapidly scooped up with a spoon.

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Decorating Their Lunch Sacks

Monday, August 11th, 2014

This is a post from Jamie Reimer of Hands On As We Grow provided by our sponsor Del Monte. This content was commissioned by our brand partner.  Such content is not written by, and does not necessarily reflect the views of

We don’t do home packed lunches very often. Usually only for field trip days. And on those days, my kids are so excited to pack and take their lunch.

I’m very honored and excited to be partnering with Del Monte fruits and vegetables to share with you a creative way to get kids excited about eating their fruits and veggies in their lunches during school.

To make these sack lunch days extra special and even more exciting for my kids, we’ve decided to add their own little touch to their lunch sacks.

This time we made a lunch sack that’s also to get them excited for back to school (we always have fun getting the kids excited to go back to school!).

We did some apple printing!

Its really simple to do and its kind of magical to the kids.

Apple Painting

I simply cut an apple in half [top to bottom]. With half of an apple, the kids dipped it in some red paint [though green would work great too!].

Its best if they stamp the apple somewhere before stamping it onto their lunch sack. That gets the excess paint off so there’s no globs.

They can stamp an apple on a paper lunch sack a couple of times until the print becomes faded and then just dip in the paint again.

Apple Painting

Apple printing is a quick and simple process. We made up several lunch bags in a matter of minutes!

Apple Painting

We let the sacks dry for the afternoon and I came back later to add in finishing touches of the stem, leaf and seeds using permanent markers.

All that’s left is to pack them with healthy snacks and food for lunch. I always drop in a fruit pouch like Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezer.

At home, we always have Del Monte plastic fruit cups. But for packed lunches, I always prefer the mess-free and spoon-free Squeezers. And the Fruit Burst Squeezers offer the goodness of 1 ½ servings of fruits and vegetables, with no artificial flavors.

Apple Painting Lunchbox

Through the back to school season, Del Monte would love to have you share a photo of your kids’ favorite Del Monte snack. What do you prefer – to squeeze or spoon? The Fruit Burst Squeezers or Plastic Fruit Cups?

There’s a contest on the Del Monte Facebook page through all of August [August 1 to September 1] for you to share and have a chance to win!

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