About Amanda Kingloff

If asked what single object she couldn’t live without on a desert island, Amanda Kingloff–crafter, blogger, and stylist–would say her cordless glue gun, without hesitation. As a contributor to both Family Fun and Parents, Amanda loves to invent unique projects, holiday crafts, and party ideas that surprise and delight kids (and adults) of all ages. She prides herself in using materials in unexpected and innovative ways, like turning bobby pins into bird feet, a shampoo bottle into a rocket, or baby food jars into mini-lanterns.

Amanda has produced her first kids’ craft book, Project Kid, that will be released by Artisan Books in April 2014.

Amanda blogs about crafts, parenthood, and their moments of intersection at ProjectKid.com. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband Michael, and children, Oliver and Sommer.


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