Sweet and Salty July 4th Pretzel Sticks: FamilyFun Test Drive

Ever since I can remember (all 4 years of his life), my son Oliver has loved to cook and bake. When I’m doing anything in the kitchen, he pulls his little red chair over to help, even dropping a piece of bread into the toaster. When I suggested that he help road-test these Sweet & Salty Sparklers from the June/July issue of FamilyFun, I’ve never seen him hop to anything faster. And then when I said they involved chocolate and M&Ms, he nearly fell over. I decided to really let him do each step (brave, I know), so here’s what we got…

As far as ingredients go, it couldn’t be any easier. All you need is red and blue M&Ms, pretzel rods, and white chocolate chips. (You can also add red and blue sprinkles, but I had to draw the line on the sugar.)

1. First, line a tray or cookie sheet with parchment paper.

2. Then, the fun begins. It’s time to sort M&Ms—red in one bowl, blue in the other. Sommer joined in the fun on this step, mostly enjoying the taste of the yellow, orange, green, and brown ones.

3. Next melt the white chocolate until its runny enough to drizzle. (Hint: follow melting instructions on the package.)

4. Drizzle white chocolate on each pretzel rod, one at a time. I must admit that I took over the step because I saw the impending disaster!

5. And lastly, decorate the sticks with the blue and red candies. Put these in the fridge for about 15 minutes until they set.

As per usual, and this is evident from the photo above, both my kids licked these like lollipops, ate off the M&Ms, then asked for the next one.

If you want to see what they should REALLY look like, check out this great photo. These are quick and easy to make—a festive, sweet, and salty snack to celebrate the Fourth of July!

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July 4th Confetti Popper
July 4th Confetti Popper
July 4th Confetti Popper

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