3 Last-Minute May Day Baskets

If ever there’s a year to celebrate May Day, I think it’s 2014. It’s been such a tough year with the harsh, winter weather and more than ever, we need a celebration that is all about fun, joy, and the coming of the warm sun! If you’re not building a May Pole in your back yard, here are a few things you can do to celebrate!

  1. Make one of these 3 easy May Day baskets. If you don’t have a cute vessel, don’t sweat it! Try using cans or bottles (image via Black Eiffel), a paper bag to cover a plastic pot (via Pretty Prudent), or even a paper cup hanging from a pipe cleaner (via the Shop Sweet Lulu blog).
  2. Write letters saying farewell to Old Man Winter. I believe he lives somewhere near Santa Claus, so just text him for the address.
  3. Make a toast to the summer with a traditional Finnish May Day drink called Sima made lemons, sugar, water, and raisins. You can get the recipe here.
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