Fun Games to Learn ABCs!

Both of my little ones, ages 2 and 3 1/2, are obsessed with letters. It’s becoming clear that my older child, Oliver, is really starting to understand that letters make up words and words make up sentences and we read sentences in order to recite stories at bedtime. Sommer, my younger, is just getting into the habit of pointing out the letters that she knows when we read her favorite color book. Now that Oliver is beginning to get the whole letter/word thing, I want to start making it super-fun and creative to learn letters. These 4 alphabet games make me want to play too!

In addition to the love of letters, Oliver and Sommer are also obsessed with our spray bottle. It has become a favorite tub toy of late. Dirt and Boogers came up with this super fun way of identifying letters. Write letters with washable markers on a piece of paper, hang it outdoors, call out a letter and have the kids spray that letter with water until it runs down the paper. I’m thinking I might recreate this as a long paper line so the water doesn’t obscure the letters below it. (Or you can try it with chalk on the sidewalk.)









The Imagination Tree came up with this fun ping-pong ball and cardboard-tube letter game. Write letters on the balls and also on the tubes and have the kids pair the corresponding letters. You can write the lower case on the ball and the upper case on the tube to teach them which is which. You can buy ping-pong balls very affordably at Oriental Trading.









Clothespins are one of my favorite things to have around the house…both for crafts and for use as mini-clamps. Write letters on the bottom ends of the clothespins and write the corresponding words on paper. Have your kids clip the letters to match the paper. Once they complete a word, have them draw a picture on the paper next to the letters. Found via Pinterest.









Especially appropriate for this time of year, this plastic egg game is another great way to teach how to match lower and upper case letters. Stick letter stickers to either side of eggs and have the kids match them up to complete the egg. Found on Playing House in Maryland.

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