Best Rainbow Loom Projects Ever!

I’ve definitely borne witness to many wearable craft trends over the years—from the original friendship bracelets to Silly Bandz and now Rainbow Loom. To not know what a Rainbow Loom is, you must be living under a snow drift. I’ve never seen such a craze sweep the nation of minis like these woven/crocheted/knitted rubber-band bracelets have. And they aren’t just for bracelet making…Loomers are making all sorts of nifty trinkets from charms to hair bows. Here are my top 10.

Rainbow Loom pencil sleeves? Sure, why not? Watch the video!

I think a Rainbow Loom phone case is actually a very good idea! Quite bouncy and protective! Found via Pinterest.

Love how chic and simple this Rainbow Loom hair bow looks! You can buy it from BC’s Bracelets on Etsy or learn to make it here.

I simply can’t get over the Rainbow Loom animals! Who has the brain to invent the how-to for these? This dog, bunny, cat, and penguin are my faves.

And naturally, every doll needs it’s own Rainbow Loom purse!

Let’s not forget people…my niece Hannah is obsessed with her Rainbow Loom gymnast! Here’s a good tutorial.

And not for the beginner, I love how this Rainbow Loom gumball machine has beads woven in!

And there are also all sorts of organizers for your rubber bands and looms like this over-the-seat car pocket or this Rainbow Loom storage case so you can keep everything need and tidy (says the crafty mom who could use some organization herself).

The craze is only growing…so get a Rainbow Loom and start looming!

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