Put a Heart on It for Valentine’s Day

It’s a fun holiday, this Valentine’s Day, but some years are busier than others (perhaps, for example, maybe 2014). It’s fun to surprise your kids (and other peeps that live in your house) throughout the day with small, rather effortless gestures with a practice I like to call Put a Heart on It. Yep, just put a heart on anything, folks. It immediately makes everything look cute and festive. A red Sharpie or paint pen can go a long way on February 14th! Here I drew red hearts on bamboo forks, a paper cup, a snack bag, and I happened to have these little wooden cubes laying around so I made heart dice (which I think I’ll start using on my backgammon board).

In the morning, squeeze a few drops of red food coloring into heart-shaped ice trays for a sweet little surprise when it’s time for milk and cookies. Found via Project Kid, by A Subtle Revelry.

Inspired by this idea I spotted on Pinterest by the one and only FamilyFun Magazine, I thought it could be so much fun to attach pipe cleaner hearts to things around the house. Think clothing hanger, doorknob, backpack, scooter handle, house plants. It’s endless really.

Personally, I think a whole day of little Valentine heart surprises is better than one cookie.


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