Double Duty Halloween Costumes for the Indecisive Trick-or-Treater

I know you know this kid…you may even have this kid. One minute they want to be a fireman, the next, it’s a superhero, the next, it’s Picasso. For the well-prepared parents, this sort of indecision is maddening, not to mention costly when you have to keep ordering and returning different costume elements or craft materials. So here are three ways to help these kids get two costumes for the price (and effort) of one!

For the school Halloween parade, your darling daughter wanted to be an angel, but come time for trick-or-treating, she now wants to be a nurse. Easy peasy. First, tie a wide red ribbon around her waist as a belt (referencing red cross). Then, take apart that pipe cleaner halo, attach a piece of white paper with the red plus sign to it, and voila! Angel to nurse in no time! (Save the wings for next year’s bird costume!) {Angel cosume from DIY & Crafts. Nurse costume from Sophia’s Style.}

He was feeling a little naughty in the morning, but then his sweet side came out and he decided that he had to be a zebra. Take some black tape to that evenly striped jailbird costume and create uneven zebra stripes. Wrap a rolled up tube of newspaper in white and black tape to form a tail and no one will know that your troublemaker caused trouble on October 31st! {Jailbird from Halloween Express. Zebra from Pottery Barn Kids}

There is no easier switch than that of vampire to magician. Grab a deck of cards and use double-stick tape to adhere them to the inside of the cape. Grab a stick from the backyard, paint it black, and don’t forget that white bunny or dove to accompany him on his candy crusade! {Vampire from Halloween Adventure. Magician from Costume Party}

Have you ever transformed one costume into another at the last minute? Fairy into butterfly? Sports star into superhero? Leave a comment and tell us how you did it!

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