5-Minute Pumpkins!

If you haven’t decorated your pumpkin yet and you’re feeling like a slacker, don’t! I know you may think you need to get all messy and dedicate an afternoon to carving, but really, you can make a totally cute pumpkin in 5 minutes or less! Visit my blog, Project Kid, to read a bit more about these easy Halloween pumpkin crafts!

  1. Punk-kins! Little studs and spikes give these mini-pumpkins an edgy look.
  2. Mr. Pumpkin Head! Just raid your kids’ toy chest.
  3. Taxidermy Pumpkin! No animals were harmed in the crafting of this pumpkin.

Click here for craft sources to make these 5-minute (in between dinner and bath time). Yes, I swear…they are that quick and easy!

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