Unique Leaf Crafts for Kids

Every fall, I’m always a little late on the leaf crafts. There is such a small window where I live of when the leaves are a true rainbow array of colors, and there are so many lovely things to do with orange, yellow, green, and even brown leaves. Here are a few of my favorites from FamilyFun.

The lovely leaves above were pressed in a heavy book for about ten days (you can see how I miss the boat every year, right?) and then decorated with a metallic paint pen. How lovely would these be hanging in a float frame?(FYI, a float frame is a glass-to-glass frame that’s great for projects like this.)

Flower crowns are lovely in the spring, but don’t ignore the leaves for you little woodsy prince or princess! The leaves stay in their raffia crown without glue, so when some go bad, it’s easy to swap them out.

Test your child’s scavenger skills by challenging him to create a rainbow of leaves (blue might be pushing it). Line them up on a log or even outside on the front stoop. Lay rocks on top to prevent them from blowing away. (Idea from Lisa Jordan of lilfishstudios.com)

 Now do you feel the urgency to get out and find those lovely leaves of orange and gold? I certainly do!


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