5 Bright Spots

1. When I saw Blair’s charming Doodle Pendants on her blog the other day, I was instantly smitten.  I love DIY jewelry and I love doodling, so this one made me smile.  It is a perfect project for the kid who loves to doodle in the margins of his notebook, yes? Or, as a group project at a birthday party?  Or, as a gift for a family member or friend? (Or, as a gift to yourself?) Yes, yes, yes!

2. These paper tea cups are super fancy and fun!  Download the free template and have the sweetest little pretend tea party.

3. Mmmmm. As you begin to think about Valentine’s Day treats, consider Jessica’s Sticky Dippy: Chocolate Marshmallow Pretzel Rods.

4. These Topographical Paper Sculptures are a wonderful way for children to experiment with color, shape, and three dimensional art! Plus, I think they’d look really cool displayed in a bedroom. via The Crafty Crow

5. For all of us living in a frigid part of the world, Roselee’s super easy fleece cuffs tutorial is a brilliant way to keep the cold out of your child’s sleeves.  Check it!

Happy weekending to you and yours!

xo emily

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  1. by gina at willowday

    On January 27, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    I’m just crazy about these doodle pendents! My heart flips at this fantastic simplicity each time I click back here. I think they could be the perfect party craft for an up and coming party we’re holding here. Thank you for these fantastic choices! (Happy New Year!)

  2. by Mary

    On January 28, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    Such cute ideas!