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Best Parent Rap Video So Far: “I’m A Daddy And I Know It”

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

2 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

It’s official, “I’m A Daddy And I Know It” by Chad Morton, a Utah dad of five, has officially gone viral this week.

Unlike other homemade rap videos about parenting that have surfaced since I have been a dad, this one has surpassed the “has been shared and liked a lot on Facebook” level to “I heard them talking about it on the radio today, plus there’s a Yahoo Shine article about it proclaiming the video has officially gone viral” stage.

It doesn’t take an expensive, highly polished product to captivate an a big enough online audience and eventually go viral. As explained in the book Grouped by Paul Adams, it takes a product built around people; a product those people can personally and subliminally relate to.

“I’m A Daddy And I Know It” is simple, funny, easy to relate to as a dad, and most importantly, it’s not reaching. In other words, the video isn’t trying to hard to be cool, it just is.

Another thing I think that sets it apart is it seems to be void of classic (and annoying) fatherhood cliches. Sure, there’s a quick and necessary reference to dirty diapers, but there’s no predictable camera shot of the dad holding his nose as he changes a diaper.

Honestly, Chad Morton successfully makes being a dad look fun, yet real. Watching this video doesn’t make me think of any token classic 1980′s or 1990′s sitcom where the idiotic dad destroys the kitchen sink again in an effort to repair it; or even worse, he forgets his wife’s birthday.

Currently, “I’m A Daddy And I Know It” is nearing a million hits on YouTube. And it should.

Yes, I thoroughly endorse it. And I don’t thoroughly endorse many things.

I do admit, part of the subtle fascination with Chad Morton is that he’s got five (!) kids. Five young kids, including triplets.

(By the way, the one on the far left, in the picture above, looks like you when you were a little bit younger… he even has the faux hawk!)

As Mommy and I entertain the idea of ever giving you a sibling, this video serves as a reminder to us that there are plenty of families out there with a lot more kids, and apparently, they’re surviving.

We’ll see how that turns out for us over the next couple of years…





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