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Journey To Howard’s Chapel (The Church Built Into A Rock)

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

3 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

As I just got finished explaining in my last letter to you, we took the Lexus LS 460 on a “guys only” mini-road trip early Christmas morning.

Our destinaton was Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel (A.K.A. “Howard’s Chapel”) in Mentone, AL; just a few miles from the house I grew up.

I specifically planned this trip because I felt at age 3, you are officially old enough to at least half-way remember going to such a cool and quirky place.

Finished in 1937, the chapel was built into a huge rock.

As if that weren’t interesting enough, the creative man responsible for having the church built, Milford Howard, had a last wish of having his ashes “buried” into the rock of the church.

My entire life, anytime I have wanted to, I have been able to visit the chapel; the doors are always open.

It’s really fascinating!

We got to explore the small church, seeing up close how the building was built into the rock and where Milford Howard’s ashes are buried.

I have a passion for (and a hobby of) finding obscure little treasures that seem like they should be part of a weird dream that you sort of almost remember from your childhood.

Except this is obviously real. So I took plenty of pictures of your first visit there to prove to you that it wasn’t just a dream.

As we were leaving, I asked you if you liked visiting the chapel. Your response:

“No, I don’t like it. There’s no people here.”

That makes sense. You’re used to seeing friends and playing with toys at our shopping mall-sized church we go to.

So to drop into a church where there are no people, because they weren’t currently having a service while we were there, I’m sure it didn’t actually seem to you like being at church.

Oh well, I enjoyed being there.

I think you might have been a bit preoccupied about the “giant robot” that was next-up on our journey.

To be continued….





Disclaimer: The vehicle mentioned in this story was provided at the expense of Lexus, for the purpose of reviewing.

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Boo the Pomeranian Reminds Me of My Son

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Eleven months.

Having a son means that there is always a part of me floating out there in the universe. Whether he’s simply just asleep down the hall or away at day care while I’m at work, part of my brain is constantly thinking about him.

He is in everything I see. He’s in every random thought I have; from Gummy Bears to a Pomeranian with a buzz cut.

A few days ago on Facebook I saw a picture of two Pomeranians posted by one of my former students in Bangkok at Global English School. So inevitably, the following conversation followed:

    • 4 people like this.
      • Nick Shell What kind of dog is the one on the right? It’s look unreal!

        October 20 at 12:32am · Like
      • A-ngoon its look unreal because its smile right ?? they both are pomeranian but the right one have a shorter hair ka nick :)

        October 20 at 2:46pm · Like
      • Nick Shell The right one reminds me of my son :) I am probably going to use this picture on my website about him.

        October 20 at 7:09pm · Like
      • A-ngoon

        October 21 at 11:38am · Like

It turns out that this Pomeranian happens to be famous; his name is Boo and his Facebook page has well over 2 million “likes!”

I can’t look at Boo and not see my son Jack; the way Boo is smiling, the shape of Boo’s face- that is my son as a Pomeranian! 

Granted, a Dadabase post like this one will never show up in the Top 5 Most Popular Posts section on the right side of the screen. It’s so out there, I know. But I just couldn’t keep this enchanting and bizarre photo from the world; simply because I love to talk about my son- even in the form of a yappy little dog.

Maybe it’s just me that somehow sees the abstract resemblance. But I’m sure I’m not the only parent out there who thought their child looked like something just as weird. When you look at the world through my eyes, you see Jack-Man in the strangest of places.

Passing the Mic:

Do you think Jack looks like Boo?

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