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My Toddler’s 1st 5 K… He Just Felt Like Running!

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

2 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack,

While learning to walk really is a big deal, I feel like I never hear of any parents talking about the first time their kid runs.

I’m not referring to walking fast. I’m not talking about jogging a few steps before falling down. Instead, I mean running.

Today was the first time where your updated motor skills had the opportunity to be tested on an open course. Mommy and I took you to a huge park with virtually no physically boundaries.

You just got to wander wherever you wanted to today; you’re so not used to that. Granted, we were about 15 feet behind and/or in front of you the whole time.

Mommy and I joked that you ran your first 5 K today. Once you started running, and realized you could do it without falling and hearing us trying to stop you, you didn’t want to stop- so you didn’t.

Just like Forrest Gump.

I just didn’t know a 2 year-old could run for 20 minutes straight. It’s like you were trying to burn off all the calories from your goldfish crackers for the past week. If so, you were successful.

As one would predict, you were ready for bed early tonight. That worked out pretty conveniently since yesterday was Daylight Savings Time so technically I had to put you to bed an hour early.

You pretty much snubbed the playground for the opportunity to run the whole time. As much as you like dogs, you weren’t that fascinated by any of them you saw today. You were only semi-impressed by seeing kites for the first time.

Running made you very happy today. This seems like the perfect cure for your typical Sunday afternoon antsy-ness. Just let you run in a park until you heart is content.

Honestly, I’m nearly more excited about you running for the first time than when you learned to walk.

Walking is so last year anyway.





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