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Family Friendly Road Trip: Is Atlanta A Vegan Friendly City?

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

3 years, 6 months.

Dear Jack,

As I just mentioned in the letter before this, we spent last weekend in Atlanta for the Wizard World Atlanta Comic Con. While there, we had a little adventure riding the SkyView Ferris wheel, on a whim.

I’ve noticed that my letters to you are taking more of a turn these days, as I find myself focusing more on reviewing road trip destinations, toys, movies, and vegan food… from a family friendly perspective.

So it only makes sense that I would like to point out something really cool that I learned last weekend:

Atlanta is undeniably vegan friendly!

I would have never assumed that.

Having grown up in Fort Payne, AL, just a 2 hour drive from Atlanta, I was familiar with a culture in which fried chicken and sweet tea were simply part of one’s identity.

To have even thought of not eating meat, dairy, or eggs was somehow… unChristian, unpatriotic, and basically, just overall blasphemy for a Southerner.

With that being said, Atlanta continues to show up in nearly every Internet search for “Vegan Friendly Cities in America.”

And it didn’t take long for our family to see that.

As we approached the Georgia World Congress Center where the Wizard World Atlanta Comic Con was being held, we encountered “Vegan Man” with his homemade costume, accompanied by his other friends from a group called Mercy For Animals.

Once I looked down at the pamphlet they were handing out to passersby, I responded with, “Yeah. I’m a vegan.” I instantly received a hug and great cheer.

When you’re a vegan family, it’s a given that you have to do your meal planning in advance.

So we found a perfect 100% vegan Asian fusion restaurant called The Loving Hut. It was inexpensive and delicious!

While we were waiting for the food, you enjoyed “putting the ants in their bed.” (That consisted of you sprinkling salt and pepper in their tray.)

Conveniently enough, the restaurant was right across the street from the Sandy Springs Whole Foods, which was just right around the corner from the Le Meridien where we stayed.

So between The Loving Hut and Whole Foods, we never had to worry about where our plant-based meals would come from.

I loved being able to start each morning with Buchi on tap. (That’s basically the vegan version of soda; it’s a brand of Kombucha tea, based out of Asheville, NC.)

As for you, as a treat, you got to enjoy some “natural bears” and “squishy fish,” which were basically gummy bears and Swedish fish that were made without dyes from bugs or petroleum.

So with all that being said, we are now officially confident to visit the wonderfully entertaining city of Atlanta again, as a plant-based family.

Yes, Atlanta is very vegan friendly.





P.S. Our next “family friendly road trip” where we will test the “vegan friendliness” of a city will be Lake Tahoe, Nevada… in just a few weeks!

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Family Friendly Road Trip: SkyView In Atlanta, GA

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

3 years, 6 months.

Dear Jack,

In the same way I’ve been establishing myself as a car reviewer from a family friendly perspective, I will begin doing the same thing with our road trips from now on.

Here in just a few weeks, we’ll be road tripping from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe!

But for my first official “family friendly road trip,” I want to feature our visit to the wonderful city of Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend.

As we drove our Prius closer to downtown, we saw a giant Ferris wheel. While it wasn’t part of our itinerary, we were actually there just to check out the Wizard World Comic Con, Mommy and I were able to convince you to check out the SkyView Ferris wheel with us.

For the three of us, it cost about $28 to go 20 stories high; 4 turns.

I feel it was well worth the money. It’s definitely not something a family normally gets to do, outside of a circus.

It definitely provided for some pretty cool pictures and memories. Plus, it’s something that helped you build confidence in yourself. I’m amazed how much you didn’t question it at all.

You just gladly hopped on board.

Seriously, we were 20 stories high! You are only 3 and a half. Your willingness to try the SkyView, without worrying or crying, was quite impressive.

I enjoyed watching from the seat across from you and Mommy, seeing the looks on your faces as we scoped out the city of Atlanta from above, where the people below appeared as tiny ants marching. (Dave Matthews Band reference.)

Yep, our family did an unplanned, random, fun “touristy” thing in the very friendly city of Atlanta. And sure enough, you bragged about it to all your friends and teachers at school yesterday.

I have a feeling that the next time we visit Atlanta, which I hope is later this summer, you are going to ask to ride the “big wheel” again.





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