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We Never Have Visitors Or House Guests Over Anymore

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

2 years, 9 months.

Dear Jack,

It wasn’t until my parents left our house for Labor Day weekend that I realized something:

We never have guests at our house anymore! At least, not since you were born nearly three years ago.

Earlier in the summer, your best friend Sophie spent the afternoon with us while her parents were at a wedding.

And before that, other than family…

Well over a year ago your friend Henry and his parents stopped by for the afternoon.

Other than that, though… there is no other than that.

I just never thought about it before, but a whole lot goes in to having people over at our house.

Food, entertainment, corresponding schedules with the guests, your nap schedule, your lunch and dinner schedule…

It’s just easier for us to meet people we know outside of our house. At places where we don’t have to think or plan or prepare.

We want to be hospitable. We want to be the cool family who invites people over for shindigs.

But honestly, I think a lot of people wish that. At least, it seems like that on House Hunters on HGTV. They’re always interested in finding a house with “entertaining space” because they “love to entertain guests.”

I question that they really get to throw that many parties.

Or maybe it’s just our family. Maybe we’re so far removed from that reality.

Not to mention, we live in a townhouse.

So really, now is just not the time for us to have people over very often. One day, when you get older. One day, when we move into a bigger house. One day, when it actually concerns me that hardly anyone other than you, Mommy, or me ever walks through the front door.

As for now, you’re just stuck in this house with your parents as company. Good thing you love us.




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Extreme Makeover: House Painting Edition

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Ten months.

I think the best way to begin is to share a few things that I would rather do than paint two bedrooms with vaulted ceilings:

1) For the next three months, I would have to replace my bio picture here on The Dadabase (featured right) with one where I have an un-ironic mustache.

2) For three nights in a row, I would have to sleep on one of those inflatable alligator pool toys in the middle of a swimming pool in Wisconsin, where it’s colder. Also, I would have to sleep fully dressed so that when I regularly fell into the cold water, I would remain that much colder.

3) Fly to Sacramento and back with my infant son, again.

Some of our very good friends have been kind to take us in as we have waited for the renters in our townhouse to move out. This weekend, we will finally move back into it and make it our own.

For me, making our townhouse our own means the three of us moving ourselves and our stuff back into it. And the guest room officially becomes Jack’s bedroom. I would say that pretty much makes it our own.

But my wife helped me realized that in order to truly make our townhouse our own, we would need to paint the two bedrooms.

It didn’t matter that neither of us had ever actually painted the interior of a house before, nor did we have any painting supplies or equipment, or even someone to watch Jack on short notice. Painting had to be done to make this townhouse of ours our own.

On Saturday, I was able to recruit my highly experienced friend Jason to teach me how to tape off the walls and how to, basically, paint a room. He also had a ladder for me to get the job done with. Then the next day, our friends who we have been staying with watched Jack as Jill and I tackled his bedroom.

Ultimately, something I have realized about my wife and I is this: When we really want to get a job done, no matter how outlandish and impractical it may seem, we find a way to get it done.

We did it; painted both bedrooms (with vaulted ceilings) within a weekend. My preconceived ideas about painting were accurate: painting is a miserable experience. But we survived it!

I want to brag on my wife’s ability to pick out colors. For our bedroom, she chose a very light green named “River Reed,” which has a breezy Caribbean feel  to it. Jack’s bedroom is Ranch Mink; a chocolate brown. We’re calling Jack’s bedroom his “boy cave.”

Want to see finished pictures of our fine work? Wait until we move in this weekend and I will surely deliver.

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