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Oversharenting Awareness: TMI About Your Kids In Social Media

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

17 months.

Do you really want to know about a former high school classmate’s toddler’s pooping schedule? Or even worse, see the evidence?

Where do you draw the line on sharing your own child’s info on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social network?

I think about this constantly. From pictures, to videos, to status updates, to blog entries, I have to ask myself:

Am I doing this at the future expense of my son, as well as, the present expense of my reputation and my wife’s?

Am I exploiting my son or simply sharing the joy he brings me?

Ironically, today’s article wasn’t intended to be about this.

Instead, it was going to be entitled “Being Naked In Front Of Your Toddler.” It would have talked about how even though it’s not weird for your toddler to see their parents naked now, it will be in several years.

But my wife nixed it.

She said even though it’s probably a very relatable (and funny) topic for a lot of parents out there, it still falls in the “too much information” category. Because after all, there are definitely creepy people who search the Internet for that kind of stuff, in a bad way.

So I won’t be sharing the story about how a few weeks ago my wife snuck our son into the bathroom while I was in the shower and he pulled open the curtain, pointed up at me, and started laughing.

Because that could be considered “oversharenting.”

Oh well. Our society loves watching train wrecks. That’s why reality TV rules the major networks instead of classic laugh track-infused sitcoms with corny but catchy theme songs.

And maybe that’s why it’s easy not to hesitate to share too much information about our kids online.

Maybe we subconsciously follow the examples we see in our mainstream popular culture in which boundaries are irresponsibly set to help insure we snag enough “cool points” from our Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

I personally am always in danger of oversharenting. If not, this daddy blog of mine pretty much couldn’t exist. Or at least, it wouldn’t be interesting.

But as the conductor of this train, I keep a close watch on the tracks. As far as I know, I haven’t wrecked yet.


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