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Ouch, Jack! That Really Hurt! Jack Bit Me!

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Ten months.

Jack officially has 8 teeth; not little white bumps starting to grow through his gums, but he literally has teeth. They really sprouted up so quickly.

It’s fun to feed him Cheerios because he’s like a baby pirana or maybe even Pac Man, knowing the exact moment to chomp (!) down on his food.

I couldn’t help but think of the most viewed non-commercial YouTube video ever: “Charlie Bit My Finger!.

Admittedly, I am not daring enough to stick my finger in Jack’s mouth to see how hard he will bite down. But my wife, Jill, is.

Having seen the “Charlie” video, she stuck her finger in Jack’s steel trap, and sure enough, Jack knew right away what to do:

“Ouch, Jack!”. Just like Charlie, Jack started giggling. He thought it was pretty hilarious each time Jill did it, until her finger hurt too badly; and that didn’t take long.

Do baby boys come preprogrammed knowing that painfully biting someone’s finger is universally funny?

I’m thinking so. It reminds me of the way that babies like to “accidentally” drop food and/or toys off their high chair repeatedly, looking down at the floor until a cooperative adult picks it up for them.

Babies are funny. But it’s not always that they actually understand why what they did is humorous.

Evidently, a ten month old boy can comprehend that hurting a family member is funny. No blood, no fowl.

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