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The Winner Of HP’s “Tech-Over” Giveaway For Mother’s Day

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

17 months.

A month ago I revealed that HP would be giving one lucky mom a full “tech-over” for Mother’s Day. I invited everyone to submit a mom for the contest, telling why she should win this glorious prize package.

Today, I shall announce the lucky mom out there who will definitely have an awesome Mother’s Day gift. Drum roll please.

And the winner is…

My wife. I, I mean, she really needs a new computer and she’s such a good sport about me writing about her all the time…

Angry yet? You shouldn’t be. You should know me well enough by now I’m just joking. Gotcha! (I hope.)

Seriously, here’s the actual winning entry:

Hi Nick &,
I am not sure if voting oneself to win is acceptable, but I truly have to give myself credit as being a super MOM! I have two beautiful daughters that I have raised, one is 8 yrs. and the other is 7 yrs., on my own. I have been known to have  three jobs and attend college full time, and wonder when i would get to just spend a relaxing afternoon with my daughters. But now I have a debilitating head condition that has caused me to not be able to hold down not even one full time job. I truly believe if I were lucky enough to win HP’s ” Tech-Over”, I would still be able to spend the much needed quality time with my daughters. To be able to expand their knowledge in today’s ever-so growing Internet world would make my dreams come true!
Sincerely, Laura Kendrick

Here’s the thing that stood out most about Laura’s entry. In the very first line, she credited her self as a “Supermom,” not to mention that she submitted herself for the contest.
Why is that so cool?

Two months ago here on The Dadabase, I wrote a post entitled “Can We Just Nix This Idea Of The Perfect ‘Supermom’ Already?

Here’s an essential excerpt  from it:

“You are Supermom; the real-life version of her. The main difference I see is that the fictional version never complains. But is that a good thing? To never complain? Nope. It’s absolutely necessary to communicate your frustrations as a parent.”

Instead of Laura focusing on what she’s not, she focuses on what she is. I love that. I celebrate her confidence and determination.

Congratulations Laura and Happy Mother’s Day!



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The Dadabase’s HP “Tech-Over” Giveaway For Mother’s Day

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

16 months.

The bad news is that you lost the Mega Millions Lottery.

But the good new is, for one lucky mom out there, the inventive folks at HP out in San Francisco have decided to host an exclusive computer giveaway here on The Dadabase. Yes, I’m really that cool now… evidently.

Moms are always putting others before themselves and updating their technology is no exception. This Mother’s Day one of my lucky readers can give a mom what she really wants – a full “Tech-Over” including an HP TouchSmart, dm1 notebook and wireless mouse!

I hereby officially encourage readers to submit a mom for the technology suite. All HP asks is for submitters to comment on this kick-off post or tweet to @HP and @NickShellWrites explaining why the mom in their life needs a tech-over.

(#HPLovesMom is the official hashtag.)

HP wants this to be a fun experience, expressing your personal style, so anything from a picture of their mom’s old PC to a video pleading their case will work!

Listed below is information on the three HP products they be gifting to one lucky Dadabase reader:

HP TouchSmart 320

Mothers have that special touch that makes everything better, so why not reward her skill with the HP TouchSmart 320? This powerful, compact, wireless all-in-one PC can recognize mom’s fingers before she even touches the screen, making her interaction more accurate and responsive while enhancing her viewing experience on the 20-inch, full high-definition widescreen. Plus, the new TouchSmart 5.0 “Magic Canvas” software means she can jot notes, open apps and view content all at once. Available on HP Home & Home Office. Starts at $599.99.


HP Pavilion dm1

Measuring less than 1-inch thin and sporting AMD’s dual-core Fusion processor, the HP Pavilion dm1 blends portability with power and performance. With its compact size, 8GB of memory and Beats Audio™, the dm1 is ideal for those moms that do-it-all and are always on the go. Available on HP Home & Home Office. Starts at $399.99.



HP X4000 Wireless Laser Mouse

Not only is the HP X4000 Wireless Laser Mouse ambidextrous, but it also comes in three attractive colors (ruby red, winter blue and black). This high performance wireless mouse also operates from up to 30 feet away and can be used on almost any surface. Available on HP Home & Home Office. Starts at $29.99.

In the meantime, you’ll be seeing updates from me about this on The Dadabase’s Facebook wall.

Dads, submit your spouse and mother of your kids. Kids, submit your mom. Anybody who wants to, submit a mom.

Now, let the games begin!

Just comment on this kick-off post or tweet to @HP and @NickShellWrites explaining why the mom in your life needs a tech-over:

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