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Grocery Shopping with a Toddler at Publix

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

One year.

In my mind, taking a one year-old little boy grocery shopping is supposed to be a nightmare. Maybe that comes later. Because as for now, Jack sure doesn’t mind accompanying us in part of our Sunday-after-church ritual: buying groceries at Publix.

More importantly, he’s not at all annoying while we are there. Instead, he is always easily entertained. That makes me happy.

Here recently, the event became more fun than ever, for the whole family, as Jack  is now age and size appropriate for the cool “kids” grocery cart.

One of my rules as a dad is to over-stimulate him as much as possible to keep him engaged (and to get him tired enough to take regular naps) without relying on electronic devices to catch his attention to do it.

I want him to be awed by the beauty of nature. Or at least a big grocery store; equipped with high ceilings, bright lights, healthy food, and plenty of random people to stare at.

When Jack is cruisin’ in his hot rod shopping cart, it’s like he thinks he’s a famous local celebrity in a hometown parade.

Of course, I admit, it won’t be that long before he can talk. And I know what that means:

“I want that!”

Yeah, I don’t want to think about that right now. I’ll just let him keep thinking he’s the head of the parade.

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