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Big Love? Man Donates Sperm For His Son’s Baby

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

16 months.

Today on MSN’s home page there was a strange headline proclaiming “Buzz About Father Donating Sperm For Son’s Baby.” I couldn’t resist. I had to read it.

As the article explains, a man in The Netherlands stepped up to the plate for his son who is biologically incapable of having a child with his wife.

So the baby’s biological father will actually be his legal grandfather. Accordingly, the baby’s legal father will be his biological half-brother.

This is not illegal. Though it is pretty weird.  I think for most people, the word “creepy” comes to mind.

But again, it’s not against the law. Should it be? Are there any particular moral issues involved here?

I think it’s safe to say that there are some psychological time bombs regarding this family’s dynamics. But does this case break a moral code, or does it just go against what is considered normal and acceptable in our society?

It’s not like the the father and daughter-in-law became sexually involved in order to have a child in the son’s place. But by the father donating his sperm, the ultimate outcome is still produced when the baby is born.

Imagine knowing that your own child is half of your spouse and half of one of your parents.

I feel like this is the strange twist ending of some psychological thriller movie.

Actually, this situation is very similar a story line in HBO’s drama series, Big Love. Nicki Grant’s ex-husband marries her mom in an attempt to have a biological child with her; having already fathered a child with Nicki.

When that plot revealed itself I remember thinking, “Okay, that’s an interesting story, but it’s simply unbelievable.”

Well, now that I’ve read this story, I’m less disappointed by the previously unbelievable story line on Big Love.

Right now I have the song “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (A Letter from Camp)” stuck in my head, only the words are “Hello Grandpa, hello Father…”.

So here’s what I want to know: Is there anyone out there willing to defend this dad who donated sperm for his son?


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