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Just The Mention Of A New Sibling Makes My Son “Remember”

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

3 years, 3 months.

Dear Jack,

It’s interesting how sometimes you magically forget how to do such daily tasks:

“Mommy, help me eat my applesauce. I forgot how…”.

Of course, you especially love to forget how to clean up after yourself after playtime. I contrast this against the fact you always do such a great job of putting away your toys and puzzles when I pick you up from school each day.

You never need your teacher or me to tell you to do so.

Meanwhile, back at our house, not only do Mommy and I have to tell you, but we have to tell you a lot.

This past weekend as I was doing the dishes, Mommy asked you to put away your toys before getting ready for bed.

“Mommy, I don’t know how to. I forgot how to pick up my toys,” you announced.

Mommy responded, “Jack, do you want a brother or sister? That way they can help you pick up your toys?”

Immediately, you began cleaning up your toys. You didn’t even bother answering Mommy. It was one of the quickest clean-ups you’ve ever performed.

How did you so instantly remember how?

It seems as if the thought of a baby brother or sister getting to play with your toys is a bit troubling for you. As Mommy and I regularly (half-jokingly?) ask you if you want to have a brother or sister, your reply is typically the same:

“I want a poodle. A pink one. Or a brown one. Or maybe a hedgehog.”

So lesson learned. The next time you “forget” how to do something, I guess we’ll have to “remind” you, now that we know how.

There’s no guarantee you’re going to be an only child, you know. I’m just as curious as you are about what will happen over the next few years.

There’s also no guarantee we could definitely have another child if we decided we want to, so I don’t take that for granted. However, it’s interesting to see how you’re already reacting at just the mention of another sibling.

The “only child” in you is showing.





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Of All The Siblings Who Never Existed

Friday, December 7th, 2012

2 years.

Dear Jack,

There’s the near daily discussion between Mommy and I about the possibility, in the future, at least a year from now, of us possibly trying to have another baby. Yes, that would mean a younger brother or sister for you.

We can easily think of good reasons we would want you to be an only child. We can also easily think of good reasons for you to have a sibling.

As far as why you should have a sibling, there’s one weird reason that keeps popping up in my head; one that Mommy has never mentioned.

So I guess I have to file it in the “Daddy’s Deep Thoughts” folder. Here it is:

I think about all the potential siblings who would never be born if we just stopped with you.

It just seems weird to only have one more. Why not two more? Why not five? Why not ten?

At some point for financial, logistical, and other practical reasons, that “one more kid” finally becomes one too many.

How am I supposed to know who the final little brother or sister is supposed to be?

Half of me is wired like Jim Bob Duggar, while the other half is wired like every parent in the history of the world who was content with their decision to only have one child.

I mean, to a certain degree, God leaves it up to Mommy and I to decide how many more lives to bring into the existence of this world.

Really? God is okay with my input in that decision?

No matter how many (or few!) brothers or sisters you end up having, or not having at all, much of that responsibility falls on your parents.

We have less than a decade to decide…for us, for you, and for all the siblings who will never exist.




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