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Lost In Translation: “Mommy, Are My Beaver Gone?”

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

2 years, 4 months.

Dear Jack,

Mommy stayed home with you on Tuesday, the day after you had your 2nd febrile seizure. Fortunately, you had a quick recovery and were back to school by Wednesday.

Even still, Mommy kept a close watch on your temperature that day; knowing that if it spiked again, you could have yet another febrile seizure.

As she cared for you in our bed, you made this face (featured right) and asked her:

“Mommy, are my beaver gone?”

This hasn’t stopped being funny to me yet.

Evidently, you think that the word beaver and fever are the same thing. At this point, I don’t think you quite comprehend the fact that “having a fever” means your body’s temperature is too hot.

I imagine a mischievous little beaver hanging on your back, running across your legs and arms; just pestering you and keeping you from being able to go to school.

It makes me think of how last Friday I spent my lunch break with you at the park and you saw a squirrel doing his typical, paranoid, jumpy circus act on a tree. You asked, “Daddy, he gonna get me?”

So I wonder if in general you have a fear about small critters “getting” you.

As your Daddy, I will protect you against it all: Monsters underneath the bed, squirrels in the trees, beavers… not to mention- gophers, duckbill platypuses… if it’s an irrational fear, I’m on it for ya!

If it’s a rational fear, like having a 105 degree temperature and having to rush you to the ER, well, I’m good for that too.




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